Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yesterday's rehearsal (friday, aug.11)--NEXT girls' rehearsal SUNDAY 6pm @ RMT

Dominique, Natalia, Molly, Jennet, and Maria showed up under the Lancaster bridge in Trinity Park yesterday for about 2 hours of bike choreography work. I was impressed with everyone's enthusiasm and physical input--as it was sweltering outside, even as we were in the shade of the great bridge.

We worked up some movement with bikes to the Eve song "Tambourine", a snappy upbeat track. When Maria showed up, she quickly amped up the energy with her bike dance moves--which were learned by the others.

Natalia graciously offered some input, upon my request. She hadn't been able to bring her bicycle, so she had to switch out with various women so she could have a go at the choreographic combination.

Carlos showed up towards the end of our session to see what the girls had worked up to the tune he'd selected for me to work with.

We set a time for our next GIRLS work-out/rehearsal: Sunday, 6pm, at the Rose Marine Theater.

After the session under the bridge, Carlos and I grabbed a bite to eat before heading to my place so he could watch the performance doc footage from the Undermain show; we discussed the music (new cues, missed cues, additional music & soundtrack possibilities). I am happy that Carlos is offering fresh energy and ideas to help keep the work evolving. I will probably get some new tracks from him before he heads off to San Francisco for a week (starting next Friday).

Carlos also listened to my ideas about the "new" character that I'm developing (under wraps for a few more days). He offered some great input in our impromptu brainstorming session. Much appreciated.

A productive Friday night. Forced myself to go to bed early---2 a.m.

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