Sunday, July 29, 2007

Compliments: not from any of our Mothers!!

Two unsolicited kudos from Laney Yarber--who sat in on our rehearsal last Friday at the Rose Marine Theater-and from a Dallas blogger--who attended our show at the Undermain.......

from Laney Yarber, performance artist, July 28, 2007:

"It was lovely. The bikes are very lyrical. I mean you can’t keep your eyes off of the motion and the words. It’s beautiful.

I love your star, she’s very lovely. Beautiful voice, beautiful guitar, beautiful song. And the bikes are very lyrical.

And once you get all that ironed out, I”m sure it’s going to be lovely.
Personally, over time, hopefully, I would like to see more of a wallpaper with the video. Even if it’s innocuous, instead of coming on and off, getting more of a wallpaper effect with the video. That is, of course, an evolutionary thing, so it’s not immediately necessary.

The bike scene is just brilliant, and of course, I’m going to be dusting off MY bike and immediately jumping on it, ‘cause I’m not dead either.

Thank you, Tammy. Loved it!"


from a Dallas blogger and writer, who sent me the following message on Jul 29 2007, 9:53P:

"SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE was amazing!!! I can't wait for September to see the full play. Where in Ft. Worth will it take place?"

Performers excited to, uh, perform

Jul 29 2007 9:16P - myspace comment from Dominique aka ESA:

heh. heh.
I'm am so glad it went semi-smooth today.
Hope you are having beautiful dreams, my friend!"

Jul 29 2007 5:07P - myspace comment from Opalina aka CURANDERA:

"Thank you so much for including me in this. I had a blast today! peace and love, xoxoxoxoxo"

July 29, 2007, 5:07 pm - voicemail message from Dina aka MAMA:

"Hi, Tammy. It’s Dina. I just wanted to call and thank you, once again,
for inviting me to be a part of this presentation. Thank you, thank you
so much. I really had such a great time today and, just the group of
people that are part of this are just awesome. And I just wanted to
let you know also that I think you’re an extremely talented
writer and you’ve done a fabulous job with this script, and thank you!"

Thank you, love you, mujeres!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dallas Morning News promo blurb on our show

I have previously spoken--by email and phone--with Michael Merschel, so I know he can be a very cool guy. Which left me surprised when I read the promo blurb cuz it seemed a little snarky at the end.

Don't know if he was in our audience on July 29th. Haven't seen anything online that would indicate that he was or had anything to say about our preview performance.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poetic prose from Richard aka Ken Sabe

Jul 25 2007 5:51P - myspace comment from Richard:

"Let the rain fall into that bucket. And be ready cause sometimes a hard rain is gonna fall. Boom. Boom. Clack. Clack. And it's beauty will fill the hearts of others. Boom. Boom. Clack. Clack. The dice will roll off the green and into the mouth of the monster. Make it choke and laugh. Boom. Boom. Clack. Clack. Because it is just a dream. And you are making your dreams, right now, whether good or evil. Boom. Boom. Clack. Clack. And the rain still falls harder than ever. Boom. Clack. You've got the rain, now with whom will you share your water."

Earlier in the day, I had spoken with Richard on the phone. Excitedly, I had related to him that I had received an invitation to perform at the Grand Opening Festival of Arts at the new MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center) in downtown Austin. This MACC has been a long time coming, as I was still living in Austin--in the mid-to-late 1990s--when elder-elites of the Latino/Hispanic/Chicano/a arts scene were hashing it out to figure out what could be created that would please or appease the most constituents. City of Austin monies were being dedicated to this new facility, but the committees and sub-committees and focus groups ad nauseaum kept duking it out over conference tables. I wondered if this center would ever see the light of day. Well, guess what, the project got done. And I might get to perform at the official opening day on Saturday, September 15th. I told the rep who phoned me that, because I'm involved in this new play production, that I'd like to perhaps unveil segments of it in Austin for that festival. It would be a great opportunity to perform in front of one of our ideal audiences: progressive Chicano/Latinos who are supportive of the arts. I am so excited, cuz this invite comes on the heels of being invited to perform for someplace else (another group in another venue) in the Austin area the week before September 15th. All of a sudden, it's like everybody found my number in their rolodex, and new opportunities are surfacing. Anyway, that's part of what I shared with Richard by phone, as I basically wanted to give him a big heads-up and to see what his availability might be for that particular day (September 15th). Actually, he's not optimistic about going to Austin that weekend because he's got a commitment at the Rose Marine Theater at the same time. But he was encouraging and congratulatory about me/us being asked to perform at the MACC.

A few hours later, Richard sent me a myspace comment [the one above], showing me that he had truly, really, been listening and I love that about him and so many others in this project. He knew that I was feeling that so many blessings were being showered upon me. I had told him, "It's like all the universe needs me to do is to go outside and hold up a big basket or bucket, and it WILL be filled." I could feel Richard smiling (over the phone) as I shared my excitement with him. And later, he made a poem about what he took from our conversation. Wow. The validation, the affirmation we extend to one another. It's a way to stay refreshed with one another in a group process.

Thanks so much, Richard!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

reply to Opalina

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Sunlit Doorway
Date: Jul 24, 2007 2:33 AM


i am sending you, via email, the pdf of the latest script revision.

what a freakin' drag to go to all that trouble to find that the streets here were impassable.

at this point (2:31am), every street now is dry as a bone.

texas weather for ya........

talk to you soon.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh, Opalina - deterred by rainwater floods.

From: the (s)(r)addest opalina you'll ever know
Date: Jul 23, 2007 6:11 PM

well i just spent 2 hours driving and not getting to your house. by now i guess you know its flooded over there and i turned back around before gettin swept into it all. Magnolia was a mess, i even saw 2 ppl knee deep in rushing waters. it was scary. i got out of there.

so im sorry, but i am online again, so if you could please send the therapist/mama dialog thru email to me i can have it ready for you this friday saturday rehersal. my email is

sorry again. hope you and the others fared better than i did tonite.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Carlos comes through w/ a BMX-er connection

What I'm finding with Carlos, as with most of my cast/crew, is that I only have to ask for something once to get some results. I love the fact that Carlos, particularly, seems to respond very quickly--with precise info and details. Straight to the heart of the matter, cuts to the chase. He's a gem to work with, cuz he's smiling the whole time through, or so it seems. In my mind, I keep thanking Maria S over and over again for introducing me to him. Great work, Ms. Solano!

Jul 19 2007 7:28A - from DJ SOL*LOS aka Carlos:

Good you 2 BMX ppl. They'll be at the spot this Sat and next Sat.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

reply to Dominique

hey, mujer!

thanks for sharing and opening up with such grace and quiet strength to:

1. perform the role of ESA with such gusto;
2. gently allow the other cast members to become part of your life;
3. be dependable and consistent;
4. reveal some of your life history to me.

it is so amazing, once we think about it, how THIS has all come about because i approached you at the Firehouse Gallery.
had you any IDEA......?!!!!

miracle/milagros happen. take it all in.

one DIRECTOR's request: please, while laughing and relaxing on the beach, hear yourself in your JOYOUS VOICE, your SOFT AND YEARNING VOICE, and bring those voices back to FW for the play---for those moments when you're not squabbling w/ MAMA or ranting with EL SABE.

happy vacation to you, ESA/Dominique!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dominique's on her way to P.R. for a week...

I am trying not to panic, knowing that we will have to work for a whole week without our ESA--Dominique. I am steadily learning to just be with the flow, and not resist what is meant to be. So, I will focus on the other actors and characters, giving more precise attention to IDA GONE and still trying to find our WISE CRACKER. So much else to do. Let Dominique have her space; she's taken on alot already, and maybe this time in Puerto Rico will help her decompress and find some other facets of ESA during her trip in the tropics. Of course, I have to admit, it is reassuring to hear that she has plans to work on her lines while she's away...

From: Dominique Fay
Date: Jul 17, 2007 11:02 PM

This is most likely the last time I'll be online for a week! So... just wanted to say hi, and that I'll miss you guys! Have a great week, and awesome rehearsals... sorry again I won't be able to make it on the 21st. :(

I be memorizing my lines on the beach! haha...


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Andrea getting involved

message i sent Andrea:

THANKS so much for the kind helping assistance you offered on friday at the Carnival Store, at the Trinity Park River, and also for buying lipsticks and OFF! for the crew to use.

I pretty much started calling you PRODUCTION ASSISTANT in my mind, so i think that is your title for this project and for the programme.

Of course, I would love it if you could be on hand for more assistance, and am thinking to ask you to read ESA's part when we
have our rehearsal on saturday at the Undermain Theater. Can you be there - in Deep Ellum on july 21st - 12noon to 2pm?

HEY --- DID YOU BUY a bike!!!????????

let me hear from you soon, please, about saturday the 21st. that's a very important need we have - Dominique is going
to be in Puerto Rico, so i need for someone (you!) to stand in onstage for her---reading from the script is all right.



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rehearsal @ Dina's - message to Opalina

i still need to give you Dina Lee Chavez' (she's MAMA) home address.

we'll be going to her place in arlington (friday, july 13th).

i'll be there, driving in from fort worth with Dominique (and her guitar).

are you planning to drive back to Oak Cliff before going to work that afternoon?

just wondering....

and oh, Dina said it'd be okay if the CURANDERA spit tequila/mezcal/water on her during the limpia........for reals!

; ]

Monday, July 9, 2007

reply to Rachel

To Rachel:

Hmmm. This has taken me aback.

I wondered what might be going on, since I had not heard from you.

Mercury (the planet) has been retrograde for the last few weeks, so this can possibly offer at least a little explanation as to why things are going haywire right now.

Things cannot be forced when Mercury is retrograde, one can only go with the flow and proceed with what one has already committed to.

It had pleased me so much that you were wanting to take on the role of ESA, and I have already invested so much of my envisioning/planning with that in mind.

This project will likely have a life beyond N. Texas, and it would be great to have you along for this experience and expansion.

But, I guess I have to think about what is best for the project in a wholistic perspective. After all, the other actors and participants need the consistency as much as I would.

Our rehearsal process will continue in earnest, particularly after the July 29th preview. (I, too, will be out of town for the wk-end of August 3-4, fyi.)

Maybe we can talk by phone. Soon.

Thanks for letting me know about all the stuff that's been happening w/ you.

peace, Tammy

Tonzi in Houston sends encouragement

hi, Tonzi:

i am so glad that you picked up the phone last night, i needed to talk to someone, and i had indeed considered you for the lead role in this project--but knowing you're doing the architectural studies program, i've realized that you cannot be in 2 places doing 2 separate things....alas.

today, it's monday, a new day, and Mercury does 'go direct' today, so perhaps things'll start to ease up around here....

i was just so impatient last night, needing to move forward, but Mercury just kept making me walk in place, and i couldn't
accept that.

anyway, blah blah blah.

i'm glad you got to meet Paul Flores and the other "Chicano Messengers of the Spoken Word"--a nice trio of hard-working poets.

someday, we really must put together a magical tour of texas--you, me, and whoever else shares our sensibilities and lust for performance experimentalism...



--- Tonzi C-G wrote:

> yeaaaaa Tammy
> your call made me so happy
> relax mercury will come
> you have worked so hard and your work will reflect
> this
> I am so proud and excited
> this has never been done
> take some time for yourself today
> and acknowledge what a bad ass woman you are
> you rock Tammy,
> Tonzi

Sunday, July 8, 2007

On losing our first ESA -- Rachel L.

From: Rachel L.
Date: Jul 8, 2007 11:57 AM

(okay this is weird, if you got this more than once, sorry, my computer was acting up)

Hey Tammy,

I got a gig in New Orleans and I arrived here Thursday with the idea that I would be going back and forth to Ft Worth because my working days were sporadic, but I found out Friday that I would be on hold for 15 working days instead of 10. This changes my availability, which has caused problems with my Ireland trip and now - rehearsals with you. I'm not scheduled to return until the 27th of July.

It happened so quickly that I couldn't do better planning for it all and I've now lost other great opportunities because of it. I still want to be in the production and I understand that you need to have rehearsals. Please let me know your thoughts given my availability below.

21st - possible (fly in on the 20th)
22nd - possible
28th - def
29th preview - def

In August, I am also out of town the 3rd-8th.

I looked online for a ticket and it's about 300.00 for a round trip on the 20th. I know it's alot, but I think I can come up with that. However, I understand if you need to recast. Your work deserves more than what I am available for...

I'm so sorry for the disruption, Tammy, or for the problems it might cause. The work that you are doing is SO important to me and to many that I only want what is best for the work...


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Rehearsal schedule

MONDAY, July 9th - rehearsal @ 7pm @ my place.

MONDAY, July 16th - rehearsal @ 7pm @ TBA.

SATURDAY, July 21st - rehearsal in the AFTERNOON, @ the Undermain Theater in Deep Ellum, Dallas (more specifics coming soon).

Friday, July 6, 2007

reply to Dominique

got the lyrics. i appreciate your sending them so quickly. of course, you shall be credited completely for this segment

and THANK YOU for taking and giving time to be w/ this project and with me today. your patience and generosity in this process is precisely the kind of loving attention that our project wants.

but, you also must THANK yourself for letting yourself accept this opportunity.

it's all sooooooo deep. i need a beer. hahahaha.

: )



Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Turnomatic" by Dominique becomes part of the play

song lyrics by Dominique Fay - for the song we'll call "Turnomatic"

take a number
stand in line until your called
36 blocks left on your brain
meant to hover
not to fall

the little one
he called me baby
but little did he know
despite his liquid eyes
and rippled mind
he won't find home


through the void now
the reds not bleeding
with no place left to go
take a leap now
the moments fleeting
I am not your own

a fickle flame
ascendant stench
illusions lost its smile
a distant hum
discordant strum
apologies futile


as the sun now
I am leaving
a place to call my own
the tears of triumph
in their places
and on and on I'll go...


I am so excited Tammy
this is going to be so wonderful
I had an awesome time today
can't wait until next time

thank you for giving me this opportunity


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Message to Opalina


Hey, so glad to hear from you. Was concerned about where you were/what might have been on your mind about involvement in the project.

I am getting so attached to you being CURANDERA.therapist, and I cannot imagine anyone else (nor do i want to) for that role.

More things to share/alot is evolving, growing, in such beautiful organic ways.

My friend & fellow artist-of-good-flow, Richard Rangel, came over to read/audition for me. He spent 3 hours (!!) at my house today, and I learned so much more about what should happen in the play becuz of his ideas and energy.

And then, less than an hour later, Dominique came over (she, like you, wasn't able to be here on Monday) for like 2 hours (!!)--good one-on-one time.

Guess what? Dominique is going to play some of her original music (guitar) while you are doing the pivotal "limpia healing" session with MAMA. It's really beautiful music, and you/CURANDERA will be chanting some brief soothing words. This is one of the new exciting developments.

So, while everyone around me is making the city thunder with exploding light and color, I am content in my home with magical people and beautiful ideas.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Gearing up, going to Dallas

I am making tentative plans to be in Dallas this coming Friday, July 6th, in order to get into the Undermain so I can learn how much wiggle room our bicycling segments will have onstage there.

I think it would be a great way to also meet with Opalina--maybe for food or drink--so we can connect on a deeper level, both in terms of her role(s) in this production as well as personally/socially. I've felt a fondness for Opalina for over a year now, as she has commented on my other blog ( at times, and we have become familiar with one another's work as performing poets in the Metroplex. In my gut, Opalina has been a definite cast member since about mid-2006. It takes a little while for earnest intention and sheer willpower to dovetail with the right moment. The perfect moment to send the invitation. Anyway, Opalina seems thrilled with this opportunity, and I get to hang out with her--probably at the poets' hot spot, Cafe Amsterdam near Fair Park.

I am starting to eat/drink/breathe this play, and it's about time....