Monday, July 2, 2007

Gearing up, going to Dallas

I am making tentative plans to be in Dallas this coming Friday, July 6th, in order to get into the Undermain so I can learn how much wiggle room our bicycling segments will have onstage there.

I think it would be a great way to also meet with Opalina--maybe for food or drink--so we can connect on a deeper level, both in terms of her role(s) in this production as well as personally/socially. I've felt a fondness for Opalina for over a year now, as she has commented on my other blog ( at times, and we have become familiar with one another's work as performing poets in the Metroplex. In my gut, Opalina has been a definite cast member since about mid-2006. It takes a little while for earnest intention and sheer willpower to dovetail with the right moment. The perfect moment to send the invitation. Anyway, Opalina seems thrilled with this opportunity, and I get to hang out with her--probably at the poets' hot spot, Cafe Amsterdam near Fair Park.

I am starting to eat/drink/breathe this play, and it's about time....

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