Friday, April 15, 2011

This weekend @ the annual Live Green Expo in north TX

If you're gonna do a green fest, you gotta have bicycle events, entertainment, and activities too.

(With free bike valet parking, the deal just got sweeter.)

Performance artist Andria Morales in one of her many personas

Blasterbike Girl

Now it's back for another round of She: Bike/Spoke/Love

I've started revving up for the next iteration of my bike story for the stage, She: Bike/Spoke/Love. When the folks at United States Artists in L.A. contacted me last November, inviting me to be an inaugural artist on a new addition to their website, I was also asked to submit a project proposal. After deliberating over about six project ideas--performance, installation, literature, and photography projects--I decided to propose a 2012 production of B/S/L, to be presented near the downtown Austin hike & bike trail. Several weeks of fundraising migraines ensued, as I had to hustle my friends, colleagues, and fan/supporters for money to help me attain my goal. (Thanks to you, you know who you are!!) I am now happy to say that my initial funding goal ($4,900) has been met--and actually exceeded--and that the MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center) has signed on as a co-producer of my play.

Now the work must begin to update/revise the script, pare away one or two of the characters, and otherwise tighten the performance. Of course, some of my original production cast members have: left Texas (Richard Rangel), had babies (congrats to Molly, Jacob, and Dominique!), etc. I've already started scouting for new actors and performers, hanging out with bicycling groups who might include the next "Esa" or "Ken Sabe." It's exciting to consider how the project might be improved upon and expanded; not every writer/director gets a second chance to do this. So, I'm researching bike clubs, cycle rodeo/performers, and imagining a few new poppin' elements to work in.

I just got back from a quick trip to Austin this past Sunday-Monday and saw bicyclists EVERYWHERE. Bike culture (and maybe I shouldn't imply a MONOculture by using the singular tense, when I realize there are unique groups and associations of riders in the 512--each celebrating and enjoying two-wheeled lifestyles of their own design) has exploded there!

So, here we go. Gearing (multi-gear, not fixie, that's for sure) up for B/S/L in May 2012 in the bike-crazy, creative city of Austin.

I cannot wait.

April afternoon in front of the Clown Dog Bike Shop, in the east UT campus area of Austin.