Wednesday, August 29, 2007

She: Bike/Spoke/Love at the Sanders Theatre, 7:30pm, Saturday, September 22nd.

Hey, you hot BIke/Spoke/Love lovelies!

It's on! We're presenting the WORLD PREMIERE (yeah, i know it sounds kind of ostentatious, pretentious, but i don't care)

of SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE (also can be typed as: She: Bike/Spoke/Love)

on World Car-Free Day 2007,

Saturday, September 22nd - 7:30pm

at the Sanders Theatre - Fort Worth Community Arts Center,
1300 Gendy Street (just south of the Amon Carter Museum)

in Fort Worth.

Admission: $3 if you travel car-free to the theatre / $10 if you don't


so, go ahead, start telling everybody - blast it to the world. yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I misspelled "Steinem" in the script. Here's more on Ms. Gloria


If you could take a few minutes, please please check out the following links online. For more info on Ms. Gloria Steinem. At the Wikipedia site, you can scroll down for some links to AUDIO and VIDEO of her!!

mil gracias,




Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lyrics: "De Paisano a Paisano"

De Paisano A Paisano
lyrics (Los Tigres Del Norte)

Como el águila en vuelo
como la fiera en celo
desafiando fronteras
defendiendo el honor
he pasado la vida explorando
otras tierras para darles a mis
hijos un mañana mejor.

Si la muerte me alcanza en su loca
carrera envuelto en mi bandera que me
lleven allá, que me canten el himno de
mi patria diez meses o me muero dos
veces si me entierran acá.

De paisano a paisano del hermano
al hermano por querer trabajar, nos
han hecho la guerra patrullando
fronteras no nos pueden domar.

De paisano a paisano del hermano
al hermano ese hombre es llorar,
como duele la patria cuando llora
mi raza llanto internacional.

*De paisano a paisano antes de seguir
cantando yo le pregunto al patrón, quien
recoge la cosecha quien trabaja en la
limpieza hoteles y restaurants y
quien se mata trabajando en construcción
mientras el patrón regaña tejiendo la
telaraña en su lujosa mansión.

Muchas veces ni nos pagan, para que
sale la llaga como sale envenenada
nos echan la inmigración si con mi
canto pudiera derrumbaría las fronteras
para que el mundo viviera con una
sola bandera en una misma nación*.

De paisano a paisano del hermano
al hermano por querer trabajar, nos
han hecho la guerra patrullando
fronteras no nos pueden domar.

De paisano a paisano del hermano
al hermano ese hombre es llorar,
como duele la patria cuando llora
mi raza llanto internacional.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Rehearsal TONIGHT, August 27th - 7pm - LOCATION is different!

Tonight we are meeting in a larger and more comfortable (a/c) space.

7pm - Monday, August 27th.

Auditorium 3-110.
University of North Texas Health Science Center (where i work part-time).

Directions from Camp Bowie, heading AWAY from downtown:

Drive WEST (downtown is BEHIND you) on Camp Bowie.
As you approach the museums, get into the right-hand lane.
parking garage). You must pass the PARKING GARAGE first. Go UP the hill and PARK.
Walk into "garage" of the building (THE CLINIC) but enter
at entrance labeled 4-PME7 and go through the automatic doors.
(Don't enter through the glass doors--that's the Clinic.)

Walk up to the carpeted section of the corridor to the SECOND FIRE
EXTINGUISHER (wall phone is there too) on the right-hand side.

We will be in the AUDITORIUM - 3-110.

See you there!

Bring bikes for photo shoot, at 8:30pm!

I have FIVE bios from 5 people----need the others asap!

Otherwise, you'll just be represented by a blank space next to your name.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Urgent: Sunday rehearsal change

It has occurred to me that Cesar, Richard, and Jacob MUST meet one another as BASCO, KEN SABE, AND WISE CRACKER. (Cesar cannot make the Monday rehearsal.)

So, Richard & Jacob, how do you feel about trekking to Arlington to rehearse with Cesar at his place?

Evening, Sunday, after 7pm.

Please lemme know, guys.

SORRY TO THE GIRLS. It's more crucial @ this moment to get these 3 cast members together to mark their lines for those brand-new scenes with the brand-new character.

Forgive my apparent fickle-ness.

Photo shoot - at the end of our Monday rehearsal, August 27th

I am sorry to not have been in touch w/ you sooner, but life has been total mayhem for the past 72 hours. Even missed two days of work (that's a rarity) in just one week. Allergeez.

Stress? That's an understatement.

I've been going bonkers and have had to self-medicate (2 high-balls at an event I had to work) this evening, so I could calm down.

I went ahead and made a decision about our photo shoot. I would like for us to meet for Monday rehearsal (7pm) and then connect with the photographer at the Wreck Room at or around 8:30pm (before the FWAC showcase). We can be in the parking lot just to the west of the Wreck Room (colorful murals can be used as our backdrop).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kat Shimamoto to shoot cast photos

Hey, everyone!

My long-time friend, Kat Shimamoto, has agreed to shoot the cast photos for us. She has work on a blog that she started earlier this year, and some of her photos are included in the Wreck Room Tribute anthology that her husband, music writer Ken Shimamoto, published several months ago.

How many of you cast members (including Carlos) can show up for a photo shoot on Saturday afternoon (2-4pm) ?

How many of you might be able to make a Sunday afternoon (3-5pm) photo shoot?

Call me, let me know, por favor.

Dina apologizes for missing Monday rehearsal

Dina "Mama" Chavez had to be out on Monday because she spent about 26 hours at Parkland Memorial Hospital with a very ill cousin who needed emergency care.

I emailed Dina a copy of the revised script and she is willing to rehearse with Curandera and Esa (Dom and Opal) as soon as this wk-end.

Bios due by Saturday 12 midnight, please

If I get your bios by Saturday 12 midnight, I can start working with them on Sunday, once I return from Austin.

Please see previous blogpost (scroll down) for more details about bios.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Media contacts - publicity

If you happen to have a chum, buddy, or cousin in the local-to-national media, now's the time to let me know. If you don't mind sharing your contact's email/phone/mailing address, etc., that would be helpful as we get ready to send out our press release.


Please send me your 3-to-10 line BIO.

PLEASE EMAIL IT TO THIS EMAILING ADDRESS (don't send it via myspace--it's too unwieldy and time-consuming)

send it here ============>

Your bio can be sad, snarky, sweet, "professional", seductive, or scintillating. Just keep it at 3-to-10 lines in

Here's one that I've written (and I've had to submit dozens of these over the years): it's 52 words in 7 lines.
Sit down, fall in love w/ yourself, and write about it. Then edit what you wrote, use word-count, trim off the fat, punch up the descriptive vocab, and you'll probably have a winner.

bio - 52 words - 7 lines [sample] :

Tammy Gomez, a 2007 Texas Medal of Arts award
nominee, graduated from Goucher College (Maryland)
in 1985. Her literary performance works include
the award-winning “Maya Matematica” and “Malinchuca”.
She has received grants from Humanities Texas and the
Ford Foundation. She is also a small-press publisher
(Tejana Tongue Press), activist, and arts educator.

I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT. cuz I have no idea who you are....hahaha.

(Carlos, this includes you.)

Rehearsal/pre-production schedule - please note.

[It would be most helpful if those of you wanting to work on specific scenes--the one-on-ones, especially--could go ahead and set up times to meet, and then get w/ me to see if I can be there as well. In some cases, you might just ask me for DIRECTOR'S NOTES in advance, and then you can do the scene work without me. Thanks, in advance, for your initiative and diligence with this. besitos, Tammy ]

MONDAY, August 20th - 7pm - my place. Read-through of script---entire cast please. No bikes needed.

TUESDAY, August 21st - Individual rehearsal(s)-Richard & Dominique?---tbd.

WEDNESDAY, August 22nd - Dominique & Ramz---time tbd.

THURSDAY, August 23rd - Dina & Dominique & Cesar & Opalina----before 7pm.

FRIDAY, August 24th - ALL GIRLS - bicycle "dance" rehearsal----6pm

SATURDAY, August 25th - Tammy in Austin

SUNDAY, August 26th - Richard, Cesar, Jacob---time tbd.

MONDAY, August 27th - entire cast---time and location tbd.

MONDAY, September 3rd - entire cast--- " " "

FRIDAY, September 7th OR SATURDAY, September 8th - VIDEO (Cesar/Raul) and AUDIO (Carlos) run-through

SUNDAY, September 9th - preliminary run-through---entire cast WITH VIDEO and AUDIO---time and location tbd.

MONDAY, September 10th - entire cast--- " " "

MONDAY, September 17th - entire cast--- " " "

THURSDAY, September 20th - entire cast--- " " "

FRIDAY, September 21st - entire cast--- " " "

SATURDAY, September 22nd - SHOWDATE

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Muerte de Ciclista" at the Modern Art Museum last night

Four of us involved with the project/play got out to see the only local screening of MUERTE DE CICLISTA, a Franco-era Spanish film, directed by anti-Franco filmmaker Juan Antonio Bardem--during a time of censorship and oppression of resistance in the arts. When, in 2007? No, in the 1950s. But alot of the themes of that period film could resonate strongly today. Both Ramz and I agreed that we would like to see a contemporary remake of this movie.

Hmm, it was Natalia, Ramz, Jennet, and I that saw the pelicula. It was very cool, very good. Done well.

We chuckled quite a bit during some specific scenes depicting hypocrisy, emotional manipulation, and outright scoundrel-ism (yeah, i just made up that word.)...

Thanks to Jennet for the complimentary tickets, thanks to Ramz for the ride.

"In Spanish director Juan Antonio Bardem's lacerating Death of a Cyclist (1955), released in America as Age of Infidelity, a couple traveling through the countryside strike a man on a bicycle. When they get out of their car to examine him, they find that he is injured but not dead. But instead of helping the man, Juan (Alberto Closas) and Maria Jose (Lucia Bosé) do the unthinkable. They flee - rather than reveal that they have been carrying on a long-term affair.

When they return to Madrid, the couple pay a terrible price for their deception. Guilt begins to gnaw away at them, especially at Juan, who is also experiencing conflict with his young students over an ethical issue at the university where he teaches.

Maria Jose is less bothered by the moral implications of killing a man, as she is fearful that her affair will be discovered and her social position slip should her wealthy industrialist husband Miguel (Otello Toso) find out. Matters become even more complicated when the couple discover a member of their social circle, a hanger-on and art critic, Rafa (Carlos Casaravilla), may know something about their affair and the crime and intends to trade on what he knows for money.

Maintaining an intense level of suspense, director Juan Antonio Bardem examines not only the burden of guilt, but also a Spanish society of disturbing schisms where people like Juan and Maria Jose operate above the law, in a bubble of wealth and privilege, while far below people like the dead cyclist's family and neighbors struggle to survive. These themes are further articulated in a haunting musical score by Isidro B. Maiztegui.

Unlike the dominant cinema of the day, Bardem veered away from the militarist, costume dramas and literary adaptations preferred during Francisco Franco's dictatorship. Highly influenced in tone and style by Italian neorealism, Bardem helped bring Spanish cinema to international prominence with his socially conscious and stylish films.

Bardem, who initially trained as an agricultural engineer, would go on to direct a number of other films which often concentrated on a central character named Juan and his disgust with the suffocating society in which he lived.

Death of a Cyclist was hailed by the international film community and became a winner of the International Critics Award at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival. At least one American critic was unable to appreciate Bardem's gift. In an ungenerous and shortsighted review in The New York Times, Bosley Crowther criticized Bardem's unique style in which the lovers are perpetually linked through editing, a self-consciously artful device which Crowther misunderstood as a technical deficiency.

At the time of his Cannes award, Bardem was serving a prison sentence for his political beliefs, until international outcry eventually led to his release from prison. Nevertheless, Bardem was arrested a total of seven times under Franco."

Friday, August 17th video shoot

Gosh, I wish I had more time to detail how grueling (hot, sweaty, humid) but sometimes relieving (tree shade, overcast skies, welcomed fluffy clouds, a satisfying video take) the day was for us: Cesar, Ramz, Dominique, and me.

It had to be an early morning shoot, as the Trinity Park Miniature Train was scheduled to start its day--of carting around kids and their families--at 11am. And, as we intended to get the ultimate footage of ESA and EL SABE on the "Truss" bridge by the Trinity River, we absolutely had to be out there, outside, by 10am. Or so, we had hoped. Poor Dominique, she had to rush back home to retrieve the ELECTRA cruiser, which she'd forgotten to load on her car.

So, Ramz, Cesar and I moved on ahead to set up the camera, set up the shot, and wait for ESA. By the time ESA and EL SABE were positioned for the shoot, over the water on a SUSPENSION BRIDGE with wide openings between the wood slats (i'm talking wide open to swallow an ankle!), it was close to 10:45am. The mini-train had already taken its position at the station and I could see ticket-bearing families jumping aboard. And there we were, in a potential STAND BY ME moment (there's a part in that movie where the boys just barely avoid being hit by an oncoming train by jumping off the tracks and into a leech-infested creek or river below) and we were sweaty, our clothes clinging to our skin, and every breeze felt like manna from heaven. Finally, Cesar called out "action!" from across the river, and the shooting began. We shot about 4 takes before Cesar gave the thumbs-up, and I was so sure that the train was gonna come careening onto us, and Dom or Ramz would have to climb the bridge framework to avoid becoming flat as pancakes. As we all made our way off the bridge and onto safe ground, the train started up, and I was the only one left on the tracks---20 feet or so above the water--I tried not to panic as my feet sought solid placement on each plank of wood. You could see the water below, the long drop to hit it, through the wood slats. It's freakin' scary when your mind starts imagining unpleasant possibilities. And it didn't help that Dom and Ramz started yelling, "it's right behind you!", "it's going really fast!" and the like. "Shut up!" I yelled at them, trying hard to take a joke.

What we will do for art... Actually, the surge of adrenaline that coursed through my veins is the elixir of an artist's life. I love it.

Afterwards, we did some shooting at the longer bridge that spans the Trinity River, and only Dom was performing in that. What a trooper. Cesar kept saying, "Let's do it again." Over and over, repeat and repeat, aiming for the ultimate take. Thanks so much to Dominique for keeping a level head and a great attitude throughout. And Ramz too.

I think we had the most fun shooting among the grove of trees that is actually destined to be clearcut for the freakin' money-grubbin' gas drilling companies (Chesapeake?) to set up one of their hideous, obnoxiously-loud, and dangerous gas drill sites. As we rehearsed and prepped for this scene to be shot, bicyclists and joggers would pass by and Ramz would call out to them that "these trees are going to be cut down". One jogger seemed very sad about this, and was already planning to attend the big Labor Day Picnic which is scheduled to happen at this site, in order to rally in support of protecting these trees from demolition.

I am SO happy that we've chosen to include a moment in our play about this place, this grove of trees. You should have seen how much fun (was it acting? i don't think so...) that Dom and Ramz had, peddling among these trees in their shade. In a place that is truly threatened by big-money developers. I wish this part was fictitious, but it isn't at all.

Lastly, we ended up at the ITC (Inter-Modal Transportation Center), where Cesar shot some footage of Ramz and Dom placing their bikes on the bike racks which are attached to the front of all the T's buses. That was fast and easy, and by then the sky was pretty overcast, and the sudden onset of breezes cooled us.

Rain was in the forecast, but none fell on us that day. We are lucky that way, sometimes.

We are thankful for this, always.

Sleepily and hungrily, Ramz, Cesar, and Dom bid each other adieu.

I took Cesar to Benito's for a working lunch, to discuss his character "Basco" and some other things about the video for the play.

By the time he dropped me off at home, it was time for a nap. Did I get one? Not really. Too much on my mind, too much left to always.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tuesday/Wednesday, August 14-15

On these days, I focused on the production end of this project. I was in contact with Mel--who is now helping us with media/promotion, venue search, and some other admin. issues--and Layne, who is building our website. Trying to decide which design concept to go with, as provided by Fabian Gomez.

I've also spent alot of time online, looking through scads of bicycle community, underground bikes, bike film festival blogs and websites. Am compiling a list which Mel will help me use in terms of future bookings and cross-promotional opportunities.

Also am keeping up with submission and registration deadlines for both submitting the script to performance, theater, Latino arts, and bicycle-related festivals.

Lots of detail to attend to. (It's tough, cuz when I'm working on the script and with the actor/performers, I start fretting about the admin/production stuff that isn't being worked on. And when I start focusing on the admin/production stuff, I worry that I'm not spending enough time on the script, with the actors. Producing AND directing/writing is very hellacious to try to juggle...I'm learning more and more about this process--how it needs to be on a bigger-scale project--and am trying not to complain. After all, I made my bed....)

Spent the hottest (afterwards, i heard it had been a Red Zone air quality afternoon!) part of Wednesday, driving around in my un-airconditioned car visiting a few potential venue sites. Scouting, scouting.

I hear that buzz is building around this play, and that comforts me. Am glad that folks, local and beyond, are talking up this project and are interested in being in the audience for it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday, Aug.13 rehearsal - Jacob, Maria, Richard, Esa.

1. Jacob arrived first.
2. Esa brought her guitar, but never got to play it. (I'm concerned about her wrist....didn't know she was having troubles w/ it.
3. Maria seemed to be feeling better. She practiced some of her key lines with a Mexican-Spanish accent. Lots of progress here, lots of laughing ensued as well. It's a trip how we have gotten "baggage" about sounding like our ancestors if we have even the slightest accented English. It takes a while for us, sometimes, to feel permitted to take on an accent that is unfamiliar and is also so politically-charged--particularly in these anti-Mexican immigrant times. We discussed this a little bit, and all agreed that the last thing we want to do is present a stereotype in the character of ELLA.
4. Greyscale is good.
5. We had a great discussion--each actor gave insight into WHO their character is. It was really useful for me, as writer-director, to hear what Richard (Ken Sabe), Jacob (Wise Cracker), Dominique (Esa), and Maria (Ella) had decided about the characters they are portraying. Putting more flesh on the bones that I'd presented to them. I listened carefully, and definitely like the nuances that each actor put forward about their character. No one is an angel or 100% devil in this play, there are shades of "imperfection" in each character, particularly because they are in a pivotal growth spurt (for the most part)---being in their late teens to early early 20s. Each character is still learning who he or she is and/or possibly might someday become.
6. Maria and Jacob did the bike limpia scene.
7. I offered the backstory about Ida Gone having text-messaged Ken Sabe, and that that perturbed Esa so that at the end of that bike limpia scene, Esa's reluctance to embrace Ken is understandable--his behavior reminds her of her father's philandering ways. Old baggage pops up coloring the present situation...
8. Jacob and Ken Sabe worked on a new scene--the "sectional furniture" scene. Very interesting viewpoints emerged. Good workout for these guys--I love how everyone (Dom, Ramsey, and now Jacob and Richard) seem so comfortable doing improv.
9. You guys are articulate, insightful, flexible, and empathetic.
10. This ain't no disco.

Esa, check this out!

"The beer flowed freely and everyone was drinking their fill and before I even knew what was happening three of my hottest friends and I ended up in my bed. We all knew where it was going..."

bike porn from

Devin's mom contacted me the other night

[For those of you who don't know yet, Devin Adams is the name of the dear beloved friend and fellow comrade-artista-sister spirit who died in a fatal bicycle accident (hit by car) last September. Devin is in my thoughts alot of the time when I am working on this project, as it is certain that she would have been an integral member of the it is, she is my spirit-counselor. I was driving around today, looking at potential performance spaces, holding her necklace in my lap and asking her to please "help me decide on the right spot for this play." So, anyway, it was kind of out-of-the-blue that I received a myspace message from Devin's mom, Daina, earlier this week. The following is the e-conversation we had...]

From me to Devin's mom:

"Yes, Daina: How are you? How wonderful that you've messaged me!

It's been a hard long 3-4 months, as I am working on a dream project. A bicycle love story for the stage. This is a project I've been developing since about 2003, and it is finally coming to fruition in September, next month.

What I have been wanting to make a moment to share w/ you is that Devin is very much in my heart, in this project, and I know that she would definitely have been onstage with us doing this performance. She is with us and HAS already been with me on this---I know that for a fact.

I had applied for funding (artist grants) for this particular project (in 2003 and again in 2005), but it was only in 2006--late September, 2006, that I finally was offered a nice grant for this play. I never have gotten to tell you that the day that I reached into my mailbox--I think it was September 27th or 28th--I saw the return address on the envelope and knew it was the arts organization's decision. When I lifted the envelope out of the box, and felt the thickness of the envelope--I started to cry and thanked Devin immediately--I knew that I had been awarded funding. A skinny envelope would have been a simple rejection notice. But before I even opened the envelope, I knew that I had been blessed, and before I read the letter, I knew to thank Devin. It was instinctive, I firmly believed that she "put in a good word for me" up there....

Of course, the words on the letter confirmed what I already knew. I immed. started phoning family and friends to share the positive news.

Almost a year later, we are working hard--everyone on the team/the cast--which includes Ramsey. We are singing songs, reciting poems, speaking our beliefs with conviction and positive spirits. Devin's spirit is among us, for sure.

The show will premiere on Saturday, September 22nd--which is known internationally as WORLD CAR-FREE DAY. We will perform in Fort Worth, though at this moment, I do not know where. I am struggling to find a big enough place (warehouse bldg. with a/c and lights) to rent for several days in the Fort Worth area, as we have lots of bicycling included in the performance.

As soon as we know our performance location, I will let you know where that will be.

(Of course, if you have any leads to a location, please do let me know asap.)

Here is my mailing address:

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Fort Worth, TX xxxxx.

I hope to hear from you again soon, and I will certainly let you know more about our premiere of SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE
as the date draws near."



----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Tribute to Devin
Date: Aug 12, 2007 4:20 PM


Please send me your address so I can send an invitation to you. My email address is

I hope you are well.

With love,


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rehearsal this evening, Sunday, August 12th - 6pm-8pm

Maria, Natalia, Molly, Dominique, and I got together for some intensive GIRLS rehearsing. With and without bikes.

1. See by the Seashore segment.
2. Pinkie toes dialogue.
3. Hate Stop, Can Live w/ Slow segment (kudos to Dom for memorizing this piece in less than 4 days!!!).
4. Speaking parts to precede "You failed like a sail" segment.

That's a lot to cover in 2 hours, but we managed to touch on each of these segments in a fun, but focused, manner.

We also took some time out to go over the "Tambourine--Eve" bike dance segment. The GIRLS had just been introduced to this on Friday evening, but I can tell it's getting implanted pretty deeply in body memory. ("The body remembers what the mind forgets." - Frank O'Hara)

Good Sunday session.

(Notes to self: Email script to Molly. I gave copy of music on cd to Natalia tonight; it has all the music used thus far, except for the Eve "Tambourine" track.)

ESA knows that she's to rehearse tomorrow w/ Richard and Jacob, and Maria might also stop in as well.

Handsome cast, eh?

Sorry that Richard and Jacob were elsewhere during this moment. They were practicing their fly b-boy moves, no doubt...

YOUR OWN WORDS - Dallas Morning News feature in today's issue

(photo credit to RICKY MOON/Special Contributor)

12:00 AM CDT on Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tammy Gomez
Poet, playwright, publisher (Tejana Tongue Press)

What she's reading: Mahcic: Selected Poems, by Tomás Riley

Why: "This book of poems, published by Calaca Press in 2005, was recently mailed to me by Riley himself, who is a friend and colleague based in the Bay Area. Mahcic is the name of Tomás' first-born son, and the poems, reminiscent of the best work of Victor Hernandez Cruz (Snaps) and David Henderson (De Mayor of Harlem), show the scope of interrogations a 21st-century first-time father cannot help but make as he reckons with sociopolitical and family history. A swollen, visceral, tri-cultural, spanglish mash-up, spilled-out dictionary of words that fell just right, make your noggin go tight with a homegrown cool mint light that I like."

(Edited by Lesley Téllez for the Dallas Morning News)

To see the article at the DMN site, click on this link.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Because I am asking the GIRLS (Molly, Natalia, Dominique, Maria, Jennet, Andrea) to meet w/ me tomorrow, SUNDAY, AUGUST 12th, I am not going to ask them all to the MONDAY REHEARSAL/GATHERING.

Instead, I will do some focused rehearsal work with KEN SABE (Richard), ESA, and WISE CRACKER (Jacob) on MONDAY, AUGUST 13th. 6pm. My home.

ESA, your guitar is @ my place. Please bring bicycles.

Questions? Post a comment down below or phone me. Email at is also good.


RESCHEDULED VIDEO SHOOT: Friday, August 17th--Ramsey, Dominique, Juana & Jasmine, and others

PLEASE let me know if you guys (Ramsey, Dominique, any extras) can make it for a video shoot (all Fort Worth locations within 1-5 miles of my home) on FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th---daylight hours.

_____________ the message/update i set to Juana tonight _____________

up late, working at home on a saturday night:

hi, Juana:

i forgot to give you my number so you'll have it again.

Cesar--our videographer--just told me this evening that he has to work next Saturday, August 18th--all day.

Sorry, but he just told me this. Arggggh.

So----we have now to reschedule our next video shoot. Would you (and Jasmine) be able to work with us on Friday--this coming Friday, August 17th, sometime during the daylight hours?

Thanks for your patience w/ us.

Call or email me soon about your availability next Friday for about 2.5 hours of work.



Compliments from Juana, who plays YOUNGER MAMA in our videos

I had no idea that Juana--the actor who portrayed MAMA the younger in our "flashback" videos--was actually in our audience at the Undermain. She just emailed me the following message a few days ago:

Wed, 8 Aug 2007 12:05:

"Hey Tammy, How's it goin?.. Well i didn't get to talk to u after the show.. i wanted to tell you, i thought it was AWESOME!!!..My fam and friends loved it.."

Concept album about bikes

Opalina sent me a message yesterday, which included the following bike-oriented musical album suggestion. Just fyi.

Date: Aug 10, 2007 9:21 PM

hey have you ever heard the album SMiLE by Brian Wilson? Did you know it's a concept album about a time traveler that flies over the USA on a bicycle? I will make you a copy..


Yesterday's rehearsal (friday, aug.11)--NEXT girls' rehearsal SUNDAY 6pm @ RMT

Dominique, Natalia, Molly, Jennet, and Maria showed up under the Lancaster bridge in Trinity Park yesterday for about 2 hours of bike choreography work. I was impressed with everyone's enthusiasm and physical input--as it was sweltering outside, even as we were in the shade of the great bridge.

We worked up some movement with bikes to the Eve song "Tambourine", a snappy upbeat track. When Maria showed up, she quickly amped up the energy with her bike dance moves--which were learned by the others.

Natalia graciously offered some input, upon my request. She hadn't been able to bring her bicycle, so she had to switch out with various women so she could have a go at the choreographic combination.

Carlos showed up towards the end of our session to see what the girls had worked up to the tune he'd selected for me to work with.

We set a time for our next GIRLS work-out/rehearsal: Sunday, 6pm, at the Rose Marine Theater.

After the session under the bridge, Carlos and I grabbed a bite to eat before heading to my place so he could watch the performance doc footage from the Undermain show; we discussed the music (new cues, missed cues, additional music & soundtrack possibilities). I am happy that Carlos is offering fresh energy and ideas to help keep the work evolving. I will probably get some new tracks from him before he heads off to San Francisco for a week (starting next Friday).

Carlos also listened to my ideas about the "new" character that I'm developing (under wraps for a few more days). He offered some great input in our impromptu brainstorming session. Much appreciated.

A productive Friday night. Forced myself to go to bed early---2 a.m.

Question about "cake mix" leads to some thinking...


i am so pleased at how much thought you are offering. others (involved with the play) are doing the same, and i totally welcome that.

Carlos--the dj--just spent about 3 hours going over the video with me, focusing on just the music and sound cues. then he helped me through some thought about the ending, the Mama-Esa relationship, whether or not Mama should ever
ride a bike, and more.

as far as the Cake Mix thing: mama is problematic. she is of the generation that equates "quick and easy" with wealth and power, as many folks raised in the post-war (ww2) years ended up doing. this gets heightened with "late-arriving" people of color who aren't that educated but who, like my own mother, have come to have some bit of material wealth, but aren't "educated" about how that wealth can be depleting, diminishing.

a big concept that hasn't received alot of play in contemporary theater, film, etc.

boiling it down: what do we stand to gain (or lose) if we are so caught up with "keeping up with the joneses" that we don't do a critical eval. of WHO the jones' are and WHY we came to value their values.

Mama is one of those confused upwardly-mobile Latina/Hispanics. she can now afford the conveniences of modern life, circa 1970s, 1980s, even as the more educated "elites" know that those conveniences are detrimental to our health, and more
importantly, our planet's health.

in my recent experience, i'm finding that there are younger generations and subcultural communities of people who are embracing "old world" ancient wisdom, lifestyle choices, and cultural traditions that are more sustainable--and similar to
indigenous ways. Oddly enough, alot of our parents scoff at those ways.

anyway, MAMA is caught up in the convenience food, spray-for-everything, way of life she was duped-- in her
educational process/socialization--into thinking was upper-class appropriate.

she WOULD have the mac/cheese box, the boxed cake mix, the processed-chemicalized life, cuz she thinks a woman of her means is supposed to have such things.

it is ESA who is more real. that is why there is such a schism betwn. her and MAMA.

keep thinking, questioning, suggesting. thank you.


----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Ramz / The Shortest Distance / King BAGEL, via myspace
Date: Aug 10, 2007 5:54 PM

Hey Tammy,

I was thinking, maybe Mama shouldn't be holding instant cake mix - isn't she supposed to eat 'real food'? I don't know what else she'd get in a box from SHOP MART that would be 'real food' but just a thought.

Maybe organic wild rice or something?


Friday, August 10, 2007

Mel Le Roy is helping us out -- venue search continues


I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the rehearsal today.  A friend of Neil's passed away and we has to attend the funeral this afternoon. 

I'm working on the press release and and receipt form will have them to you soon.  Also, I'm playing phone tag with the Parks Dept. about renting out the pavilion area for the entire day.  I told them it was a spoken word/acoustic music event and that we wouldn't be using the stage.  I also told them attendance would be about 100 people.  The rental fee is due to them along with an application two weeks before the reservation date.   I've had them send the application to my house and will get it to you asap. I'll be sure to let you know the price as soon as I get a live person on the phone.

The old Stage West theater would be great as well but I would make sure that the city has cleared them to use the space for performances. 



On 8/8/07, Mel Le Roy wrote:

Hi Tammy.  I think this pic should work as letterhead.  You can reach me on  my cell 817-xxx-xxxx. 

I will definitely try to make it by the park Friday afternoon.  I have to work the night shift at my parent's bar so I won't be able to stay too long. 



On 8/8/07, Tammy Gomez <> wrote:
here it is.

what's the best phone number to reach you by?

THE GIRLS are rehearsing on friday at Trinity Park between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, if you would like to hear/see us.  We'll probably cruise over to a bar afterwards, if you would like to meet us/chat with us.



hi, Mel:

Sorry about your friend. Yes, funerals and weddings always need to get top priority. Hope Neil is feeling all right.

Sounds like you're having to be ultra-persistent with the City about that pavilion. Hope we can get some positive news soon.

I've been knocking on every possibility for the past 3 days: called Velton (photographer), Christopher (photographer, installation artist), Jesse Hernandez (painter) to ask for suggestions. Getting the word out, big-time, about needing a performance space.

Haven't heard back from Stage West folks, but will follow up on Monday.

Rehearsal today at the park was creative, fun, sweet, and SWEATY. We'll be working again together on Sunday @ 6pm @ the RMT.

Thanks for all you're doing!



Opalina, Dina, Tammy going to see author Julia Alvarez in Dallas (free reading) tomorrow.

To: Opalina

about the rehearsal/gathering you missed:

we watched vid of our Undermain show. have to ask Cesar/Raul if they can make dubs, eventually.

tomorrow, we'll be at the downtown branch of the DPL at or around 2pm. Dina is driving us (me and niece) into Dallas. Maybe we grab a coffee or something too...?

you and Dina (and Dom) will have to schedule some specific focused rehearsals anyway, so it's okay that you must miss next Monday's group rehearsal.

increasing volume and giving you more stylized movements is what i want to focus on for CURANDERA.

tomorrow, you and Dina should pick 2-3 days to meet within the next 2 weeks. when i can also be w/ you.

keep in mind: there's ONE more conversation that CURANDERA AND MAMA have together, which i'm formulating. it happens before ESA's race.


p.s. our Austin performance fell through---no money to get us down there, budget was drastically cut by the MACC people. arghhhh. SO, OUR ONE AND ONLY NEXT PERFORMANCE IS THE PREMIERE: september 22nd - saturday, for real and for sure...!

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: opalina tlazohtzin
Date: Aug 10, 2007 11:06 AM

I got yr mssg last night, and I would love to meet ya guys on Saturday. Sounds like good times.

I have been working, sorry about missing monday. Some moron scheduled me on monday, and this next upcoming monday, but starting after next week im back to my sunday monday off sched. I just happen to be off this saturday so meeting you guys is a go.

I have some questions about our next performance, I'm almost certain that if it is the weekend of the 1rst I won't be able to do it. In Austin right? Well, I have a performance that was planned many months ago on the 1rst Its the moonlady night at the bathouse cultural center at White Rock Lake. Its in the evening that day and i'm featured as part of the mad swirl traveling circus.

Ive been struggling with this, as i had made a prior commitment, but by being in the play i had also made a commitment to the entire cast and you.

I will have to meditate on this. Nevertheless I really love being a part of this project and I promise I will be available when you need me.

Just get back to me soon, but i plan to meet you at the library.


my missing bici

Dom had it. I wasn't really worried about it 'til yesterday. Really, I just missed it. It's so cute.

Dom, what do you want to do about picking up the cruiser for our Friday Girl rehearsal? You *could* ride it from my house--it's not that bad of a haul at all. Lemme know, so I can be around to unlock it for you.

Andrea got a new bike from Panther Bikes. I haven't seen it yet.

video shoot - Saturday, August 18th - morning to afternoon

This is gonna be a long day, as Cesar doesn't have alot of free time during the daylight hours when most of you might be available.

Shoot locations:

fish mural bridge -- off of Riverside, near Beach St.
Trinity Park bridges and surrounding area -- near the zoo and University Drive
Oleander Street - just a block or so north of Magnolia St.

What we're shooting (scenes):

Young ESA with teen MAMA (fish mural bridge)
Older ESA with EL SABE (Trinity Park bridge)
Older ESA (grove of trees on west side of University)
Young ESA ("vanishing point" footage on bridge)
Older ESA ("vanishing point" footage on bridge)
anybody and everybody - parade scene

Specific times for each shooting location will be announced soon.
More notes to come.

Thanks for everyone's patience!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

mama bike speech - will be up for D to copy for only 2 days


[smiles] Oh boy. I remember walking after school, with my brother, and I think I was pretty old. I musta been like sixteen and I had never--nobody had ever taught me how to ride a bike. So I remember asking him, “Can I walk your bike?” So he lent me his bike, and I started walking it, and I dunno where it came from or how it came to be, but as I walked his bike I got this urge to sit on the seat and I didn’t know how to ride a bike but this urge, to sit on the bike and put my hands on the handlebars, it was like really physical--so here I’m trying to sit on it. But I wasn’t afraid, no tenía miedo and I had this feeling like “Yo puedo hacer esto, I can balance with this bike, and I can really ride this bike!!” So, I don’t know how it happened but just like magic I began riding and it was like the most amazing milagro. I was just moving on the sidewalk and not noticing my feet, not noticing what my body was doing, but I was moving with that bike and I wasn’t fighting it. It was just happening!

So, to me, it seemed like an eternity, to be floating with the bike, but of course, it was only [snaps fingers], you know, un segundito, because, after that, I felt my foot touch ground, to balance me when I stopped. But that was the first time in my entire—en toda mi vida, that I realized, “I’m learning how to ride a bike!!” [shrieks, laughs] And so, you know, I just wanted to feel that, again and again and again. All the way home, I kept trying, otra vez, y otra vez, and I will never forget that feeling like, “I’m doing this by myself.” [shudders with delight] And I’m balancing and it’s such a pleasure--and such a milagro to feel like I’m floating. So, I loved, I LOVED that day. [laughs] It was like the most magical moment. [whispers/exhales deeply] Yeah.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm working w/ ESA and MAMA today.

ESA - at 2:30pm to 3:30pm.
MAMA - will pop in at 3:30pm to work some ESA/MAMA scenes, then I'll work on some MAMA stuff (in case ESA has to split, that's cool) after that 'til no later than 4pm.

(I gotta do a birthday thing w/ my sister and niece--both Leos--at 5pm.)

ESA: we'll work on "cake mix monologue" and i'll introduce you to the "hate stop" poem.
MAMA: we'll work on "cake mix dialogue" with ESA and your opening scene (don't forget to ask for the BE YOUR OWN PET song) together. also, want to discuss closing scene w/ you both. afterwards, want to show you what i want to cut from your "bicycle monologue", the visual/movement possibilities for the "big poem", and whatever else comes up.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

NOT HAPPENING...... : ( BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE at the MACC in Austin on Sat., September 15th !!

update: august 8 - got word that the invitation is off. hard to hear the staffperson on the phone, need to call her back. phone line's busy. very disappointing, to say the least. which is all i wanna say at the moment..... : (

So, about a week or so ago, I got a call from a guy named Jose Reyes. Told me he was a volunteer coordinator for the MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center), which was about to be officially opened to the public. He wanted to inform me that I have been invited to be one of the 20 or so Latino/Chicano Texas artists who will perform for the "grand opening" on Saturday, September 15th. That's a pretty special honor, so I didn't want to say no. When Jose asked me if I would prefer to do a reading or solo performance, I told him that I am all up in a new project for the stage--an actual theater work with multiple cast members. He said that that would probably be do-able, but he wanted to find out what kind of money the MACC folks could offer and he told me that a contract would be forthcoming by email.

Well, I received another phone call from Dr. Lisa Cortez Walden, who is heading up the performance committee for the grand opening. She called late last week and we proceeded to play several intense rounds of phone tag, 'til she finally reached me by phone this morning. We talked again about money and schedule and our space needs. She was going to put us in a space called "performance studio", but we both figured out it would be too tight a fit for the bikes. Instead, Lisa has us earmarked for a space called the "multipurpose room" and this one seats 200 and is probably gonna be big enough for us to do our thing.

It looks like we'll be performing from 4pm to 4:45pm on Saturday, September 15th, at the MACC.
Contract is coming soon. Hopefully, everything on it will be acceptable to me/us.

I've already confirmed lodging (one night--Friday the 14th) at the home of my ultra-friends Dani and Julia Apodaca.
I've asked Dominique to see whether Carl might be willing to roadie our bikes (via his truck) to Austin.
Looks like the entire cast can make it to Austin, except for Maria and Richard. Haven't heard from Opalina.

For more info on the MACC, go here!

Tentative schedule for the grand opening at the MACC:

11am-1pm ribbon-cutting

Performances btwn. 2pm-6pm

(invited artists include: musics Native American/salsa/rap; continuous film screenings presented by Cine de las Americas;
headliner musician Flaco Jimenez; Teatro Vivo; Conejito Verde (Teatro de la Rosa - from Fort Worth!); the hilarious Latino Comedy Project; visual art curated by Benito Huerta; the San Antonio-based samba dance/music ensemble Urban-15; and actress Rubynelda Perez)

I just realized that I have been chewing my fingernails...time to shut down for the night.

Friday, August 10th - early evening session for "The Girls"

I am meeting with all the bicycle GIRLS on Friday, August 10th. Probably around 5:30pm.

Natalia, Dominique, Molly, Andrea, Jennet, Maria, Ariella (?).

We will gather and practice some of the group chants, sing-songy stuff--with MOVEMENT. I can bring my boombox to the park or wherever. Bikes are needed as well.

Outdoors. (Bring water, dress to sweat comfortably.) Trinity Park (enter across from Botanic Gardens entrance offa University).

Carlos is also invited to come listen in.

Monday, August 6, 2007

doc video viewing + the critical mass bike ride august

We got on the critical mass this evening. by us, i mean cast-members Maria, Dominique, Ramsey, Richard, Cesar, Molly, Natalia. Andrea and Jacob had other commitment so couldn't be with us. New interested person, Janett, Jenet, Parker showed up for the ride and showed up at my house for the viewing of the doc video of our inaugural performance at the Undermain Theatre in Dallas on July 29th.

It was pretty fun to watch the doc video, after all the chaos and the big strug to try to get the audio segment hooked up via various means. I pulled Ramsey and Dominique to my computer to look at Fabian's poster design compositional suggestions, and got some good feedback from both of them.

Much work to do. It is obvious, once you screen the doc vid of our performance, exactly which people need to really pump up the volume. I really didn't need to say anything, though I did offer director's comments during the screening. It is good that folks know and realize what needs to be vocally amped, what needs to be visually tightened. Miguel, Cesar's friend, offered good comments as well.

I asked Dominique to meet with me on Wednesday day.

I asked Richard (Ken Sabe) to commit his major lines to memory, particularly his poem (Bigger Trucks) by this weekend.
He has had that script for at least 3 weeks now, and he should have at least that poem embedded somewhere in his memory.

Natalia knows now to wear a shorter skirt as IDA GONE.
I also think that ESA needs to look a tiny bit more "feminine" than she did in the Undermain show; we'll discuss that on Wednesday.

Dina was the exemplary, stellar example of a performer who was 100% committed to performance of her lines. I think the other performers recognized that she set the bar....

Neither Dina nor Opalina were present for the bike ride tonight nor the doc vid screening. Forgiveable, acceptable, if you ask me.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS photographer shows up tomorrow (morning) at 12noon. I better go to sleep soon; my saggy baggy eyes don't flatter me at all if I don't get adequate sleep.

Blessings to all my cast & crew---hard workers all around...

Particular thanks and kudos to Cesar and Miguel who helped with video taping tonight at the Critical Mass ride on the downtown streets of FW. Molly was a trooper--she's not feeling 100% at this time.

Esa (Dom) and Ken (Richard) were diligent and cooperative doing multiple multiple takes of the "hand-clasping" taping tonight.

I love these people.

heart, big heart

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Be Your Own Pet video

I visited the BE YOUR OWN PET website once more, hoping to find some info about their tour dates or Nashville gigs. Nada in that department was available.

BUT--I did see their video (via the MEDIA link). I LOVE this video! It motorcycle gang-izes the band members, except that they are on bicycles. It's also done in the style of those b-grade movies of the 1950s and 1960s (b/w format) that were melodramatic chillers and thrillers for their time. You gotta check this out. I gotta tell Cesar about it.

Go to:

este lugar online. Click on MEDIA. Enjoy.

3 more designs from Fabian

After being offline for two solid days, I am eager to get to my email messages, blogs, and the like. Straight off, I see that Fabian has emailed me several large emails, containing new jpg images. I get excited, like a kid being offered a package to unwrap, and quickly download them and save them to my documents file. Fabian has now offered 4 different "signature image" design options to use in promoting the play and project. It pleases me to see that these are significantly different from one another, so he must be brainstorming visually.

I really need to sit down with him, in person, once he returns to the States.

Layne is back in FW, so we are gonna be moving on the website rapido.

I need some good sleep tonight, in preparation for a very full Monday tomorrow.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fabian *just* sent me the first jpg of the design he's conjured...

I have about 8 things I must do before getting the little sleep I'll have before I have to be up again to go to San Anto in the a.m. But, I had an instinct to go online just one more time before doing the dishes and packing. And there it was, an emailed jpg from Fabian, the young artist who's working on a design for our promo materials (flyers, poster, whatever). It's kind of a cool, but long, story how I came to work with this cat, but suffice to say we've never met in person. All our (g-rated, mind you) contact has been online. I "discovered" him via some cool graphics design/art he had exhibited at the Arlington Museum of Art about 4 months ago. I really liked what I saw, wanted to encourage and give him a leg up--so to speak--so I trolled online to find him. And now here it is August, and he finally emailed me a jpg of an image concept for me to see. It's actually pretty good. I'm sure we'll end up with something stellar. And appropriate. Layne, our website designer, is in Maryland (i called her yesterday and she was walking the boardwalk in Ocean City!---i know exactly where she is, cuz i've been there before...) right now, but will be back in FW and dropping her head into html world by next Tuesday. I'm supposed to have most of the text to her by the end of next week. Whoa, I need to go to sleep now, while I can....

____________________ communiques w/ Fabian aka PERRO __________________________________


i like this, i like this.

maybe we don't need human faces/bodies in this. maybe the abstract approach is best.

i am liking very much what you have done to include color with the plain black bicycle.

the background shape makes me think of a house---my ESA character has arguments and painful history around her house so that is why she leaves to go bicycle around the city and in nature. she checks out from her pain and her past in order to be a balanced mujer.

i like the font for SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE. GOOD choice. i like the black banner/ribbon behind the words. reminds me of the Black Label Bicycle Club--underground,raw,edgy.

what else do you want to add to this?
does it need more?
i am kinda happy w/ it, and i am very happy with your sensibilities.

i don't think there is another play (obra de teatro) like this IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES. i mean, a play about
bicyclistas who also bicycle on the stage y tambien cantan and tocan musica.

this is gonna be hype!

===> i just sent some more photo files about an hour ago. of Dominique (ESA) and Ramz (EL SABE).

i wish we could meet in person, so i could explain this project better.

thanks, let's keep working w/ this one!



--- Fabian Alejandro Valdez Gomez wrote:

hey whats up!! amm do you have like pictures i dont know like profile pictures or somthing like that? i kinda did this thing but im not that convinced with it with the bycicle drawing tell me your opinion about it

the colors the fonts all the stuff tell what you got in mind please im a bit confused

From: Tammy Gomez
To: Fabian Alejandro Valdez Gomez
Subject: RE: hello Fabian - here's the jpg
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 21:41:13 -0700 (PDT)

2 big jpgs.

Dominique and Ramz as ESA and EL SABE, two of my characters for the play.

hope all is well.

i'm in san antonio til sunday.


Fabian Alejandro Valdez Gomez wrote:hey how are you? yes i received the picture! but its that it? just the bicycle?
and also if you could send some pictures of the actress pelase and if you more pictures of other stuff related to the play send it to me i immight use them too! i think i know what you want i got some ieas im working with the bycicle though but please send me the picture of the actress

From: Tammy Gomez
Subject: hello Fabian - here's the jpg
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 00:40:22 -0700 (PDT)
>It's been crazy hectic around here, getting ready for our first "rough cut" sneak preview of the bike play
>And, we're also creating a new website for this project, so anything you might create for us could be uploaded onto our site forthcoming at:
>I'm very excited abt. all of this.
>The bikeloveimage.jpg (535k) file is the original image the artist created.
>Can you delete the text on the bottom "pink love courier" or whatever it says?
>Also, could you take away the "M" that seems to be on the bike frame?
>I would then ask you to include or add the show title:
>She: Bike/Spoke/Love
>to the design? Also contrasting color(s) would be great. If you take a look at the other file I attached (what i want.gif), that
>can give you an idea of the texture and use of color that appeals to me. Of course, you may have additional ideas, which I would love to hear about and/or see.
>I will be emailing you a photo file of the main actress in the play--a quite pretty woman. You might want to include her face in the design somehow. Maybe....
>Anyway, have fun checking this out & exploring ideas.
>My phone number is 817.-------.
>Lookin' forward to all this collaboration.
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

><< bikeloveimage.jpg >>

whatIwant.gif >>

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Next meet-up: MONDAY, August 6th @ 6pm

Monday, August 6th, is the date for the next "Critical Mass" group bike ride, which is a monthly tradition of getting together on our bicycles and wheeling through and around downtown FW. Folks, at times, come in from as far away as Dallas and Denton to participate in this fun event.

Since our characters are (mostly) bicyclists, I would like for us to meet with the "Critical Mass" crowd on Monday and ride together w/ them for a little while. I've invited Cesar, videographer, to come out & shoot some tape that evening as well. Hopefully, this unpredictable weather we're having will favor our ride and not unleash any flash floods or lightning.

It might be easier for folks to get to the ITC (Intermodal Transportation Center) by car--park on Jones Street (the metered spaces will be free as of 6pm). Everyone converges there btwn. 6pm and 6:30pm, with a push-off time of 6:30pm.

Of course, myspace, email, or call me for details that aren't available here on the blog.