Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Devin's mom contacted me the other night

[For those of you who don't know yet, Devin Adams is the name of the dear beloved friend and fellow comrade-artista-sister spirit who died in a fatal bicycle accident (hit by car) last September. Devin is in my thoughts alot of the time when I am working on this project, as it is certain that she would have been an integral member of the cast...as it is, she is my spirit-counselor. I was driving around today, looking at potential performance spaces, holding her necklace in my lap and asking her to please "help me decide on the right spot for this play." So, anyway, it was kind of out-of-the-blue that I received a myspace message from Devin's mom, Daina, earlier this week. The following is the e-conversation we had...]

From me to Devin's mom:

"Yes, Daina: How are you? How wonderful that you've messaged me!

It's been a hard long 3-4 months, as I am working on a dream project. A bicycle love story for the stage. This is a project I've been developing since about 2003, and it is finally coming to fruition in September, next month.

What I have been wanting to make a moment to share w/ you is that Devin is very much in my heart, in this project, and I know that she would definitely have been onstage with us doing this performance. She is with us and HAS already been with me on this---I know that for a fact.

I had applied for funding (artist grants) for this particular project (in 2003 and again in 2005), but it was only in 2006--late September, 2006, that I finally was offered a nice grant for this play. I never have gotten to tell you that the day that I reached into my mailbox--I think it was September 27th or 28th--I saw the return address on the envelope and knew it was the arts organization's decision. When I lifted the envelope out of the box, and felt the thickness of the envelope--I started to cry and thanked Devin immediately--I knew that I had been awarded funding. A skinny envelope would have been a simple rejection notice. But before I even opened the envelope, I knew that I had been blessed, and before I read the letter, I knew to thank Devin. It was instinctive, I firmly believed that she "put in a good word for me" up there....

Of course, the words on the letter confirmed what I already knew. I immed. started phoning family and friends to share the positive news.

Almost a year later, we are working hard--everyone on the team/the cast--which includes Ramsey. We are singing songs, reciting poems, speaking our beliefs with conviction and positive spirits. Devin's spirit is among us, for sure.

The show will premiere on Saturday, September 22nd--which is known internationally as WORLD CAR-FREE DAY. We will perform in Fort Worth, though at this moment, I do not know where. I am struggling to find a big enough place (warehouse bldg. with a/c and lights) to rent for several days in the Fort Worth area, as we have lots of bicycling included in the performance.

As soon as we know our performance location, I will let you know where that will be.

(Of course, if you have any leads to a location, please do let me know asap.)

Here is my mailing address:

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Fort Worth, TX xxxxx.

I hope to hear from you again soon, and I will certainly let you know more about our premiere of SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE
as the date draws near."



----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Tribute to Devin
Date: Aug 12, 2007 4:20 PM


Please send me your address so I can send an invitation to you. My email address is burleson.adventist@sbcglobal.net.

I hope you are well.

With love,


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