Monday, August 6, 2007

doc video viewing + the critical mass bike ride august

We got on the critical mass this evening. by us, i mean cast-members Maria, Dominique, Ramsey, Richard, Cesar, Molly, Natalia. Andrea and Jacob had other commitment so couldn't be with us. New interested person, Janett, Jenet, Parker showed up for the ride and showed up at my house for the viewing of the doc video of our inaugural performance at the Undermain Theatre in Dallas on July 29th.

It was pretty fun to watch the doc video, after all the chaos and the big strug to try to get the audio segment hooked up via various means. I pulled Ramsey and Dominique to my computer to look at Fabian's poster design compositional suggestions, and got some good feedback from both of them.

Much work to do. It is obvious, once you screen the doc vid of our performance, exactly which people need to really pump up the volume. I really didn't need to say anything, though I did offer director's comments during the screening. It is good that folks know and realize what needs to be vocally amped, what needs to be visually tightened. Miguel, Cesar's friend, offered good comments as well.

I asked Dominique to meet with me on Wednesday day.

I asked Richard (Ken Sabe) to commit his major lines to memory, particularly his poem (Bigger Trucks) by this weekend.
He has had that script for at least 3 weeks now, and he should have at least that poem embedded somewhere in his memory.

Natalia knows now to wear a shorter skirt as IDA GONE.
I also think that ESA needs to look a tiny bit more "feminine" than she did in the Undermain show; we'll discuss that on Wednesday.

Dina was the exemplary, stellar example of a performer who was 100% committed to performance of her lines. I think the other performers recognized that she set the bar....

Neither Dina nor Opalina were present for the bike ride tonight nor the doc vid screening. Forgiveable, acceptable, if you ask me.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS photographer shows up tomorrow (morning) at 12noon. I better go to sleep soon; my saggy baggy eyes don't flatter me at all if I don't get adequate sleep.

Blessings to all my cast & crew---hard workers all around...

Particular thanks and kudos to Cesar and Miguel who helped with video taping tonight at the Critical Mass ride on the downtown streets of FW. Molly was a trooper--she's not feeling 100% at this time.

Esa (Dom) and Ken (Richard) were diligent and cooperative doing multiple multiple takes of the "hand-clasping" taping tonight.

I love these people.

heart, big heart

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