Tuesday, August 7, 2007

NOT HAPPENING...... : ( BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE at the MACC in Austin on Sat., September 15th !!

update: august 8 - got word that the invitation is off. hard to hear the staffperson on the phone, need to call her back. phone line's busy. very disappointing, to say the least. which is all i wanna say at the moment..... : (

So, about a week or so ago, I got a call from a guy named Jose Reyes. Told me he was a volunteer coordinator for the MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center), which was about to be officially opened to the public. He wanted to inform me that I have been invited to be one of the 20 or so Latino/Chicano Texas artists who will perform for the "grand opening" on Saturday, September 15th. That's a pretty special honor, so I didn't want to say no. When Jose asked me if I would prefer to do a reading or solo performance, I told him that I am all up in a new project for the stage--an actual theater work with multiple cast members. He said that that would probably be do-able, but he wanted to find out what kind of money the MACC folks could offer and he told me that a contract would be forthcoming by email.

Well, I received another phone call from Dr. Lisa Cortez Walden, who is heading up the performance committee for the grand opening. She called late last week and we proceeded to play several intense rounds of phone tag, 'til she finally reached me by phone this morning. We talked again about money and schedule and our space needs. She was going to put us in a space called "performance studio", but we both figured out it would be too tight a fit for the bikes. Instead, Lisa has us earmarked for a space called the "multipurpose room" and this one seats 200 and is probably gonna be big enough for us to do our thing.

It looks like we'll be performing from 4pm to 4:45pm on Saturday, September 15th, at the MACC.
Contract is coming soon. Hopefully, everything on it will be acceptable to me/us.

I've already confirmed lodging (one night--Friday the 14th) at the home of my ultra-friends Dani and Julia Apodaca.
I've asked Dominique to see whether Carl might be willing to roadie our bikes (via his truck) to Austin.
Looks like the entire cast can make it to Austin, except for Maria and Richard. Haven't heard from Opalina.

For more info on the MACC, go here!

Tentative schedule for the grand opening at the MACC:

11am-1pm ribbon-cutting

Performances btwn. 2pm-6pm

(invited artists include: musics Native American/salsa/rap; continuous film screenings presented by Cine de las Americas;
headliner musician Flaco Jimenez; Teatro Vivo; Conejito Verde (Teatro de la Rosa - from Fort Worth!); the hilarious Latino Comedy Project; visual art curated by Benito Huerta; the San Antonio-based samba dance/music ensemble Urban-15; and actress Rubynelda Perez)

I just realized that I have been chewing my fingernails...time to shut down for the night.

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