Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rehearsal/pre-production schedule - please note.

[It would be most helpful if those of you wanting to work on specific scenes--the one-on-ones, especially--could go ahead and set up times to meet, and then get w/ me to see if I can be there as well. In some cases, you might just ask me for DIRECTOR'S NOTES in advance, and then you can do the scene work without me. Thanks, in advance, for your initiative and diligence with this. besitos, Tammy ]

MONDAY, August 20th - 7pm - my place. Read-through of script---entire cast please. No bikes needed.

TUESDAY, August 21st - Individual rehearsal(s)-Richard & Dominique?---tbd.

WEDNESDAY, August 22nd - Dominique & Ramz---time tbd.

THURSDAY, August 23rd - Dina & Dominique & Cesar & Opalina----before 7pm.

FRIDAY, August 24th - ALL GIRLS - bicycle "dance" rehearsal----6pm

SATURDAY, August 25th - Tammy in Austin

SUNDAY, August 26th - Richard, Cesar, Jacob---time tbd.

MONDAY, August 27th - entire cast---time and location tbd.

MONDAY, September 3rd - entire cast--- " " "

FRIDAY, September 7th OR SATURDAY, September 8th - VIDEO (Cesar/Raul) and AUDIO (Carlos) run-through

SUNDAY, September 9th - preliminary run-through---entire cast WITH VIDEO and AUDIO---time and location tbd.

MONDAY, September 10th - entire cast--- " " "

MONDAY, September 17th - entire cast--- " " "

THURSDAY, September 20th - entire cast--- " " "

FRIDAY, September 21st - entire cast--- " " "

SATURDAY, September 22nd - SHOWDATE

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