Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tuesday/Wednesday, August 14-15

On these days, I focused on the production end of this project. I was in contact with Mel--who is now helping us with media/promotion, venue search, and some other admin. issues--and Layne, who is building our website. Trying to decide which design concept to go with, as provided by Fabian Gomez.

I've also spent alot of time online, looking through scads of bicycle community, underground bikes, bike film festival blogs and websites. Am compiling a list which Mel will help me use in terms of future bookings and cross-promotional opportunities.

Also am keeping up with submission and registration deadlines for both submitting the script to performance, theater, Latino arts, and bicycle-related festivals.

Lots of detail to attend to. (It's tough, cuz when I'm working on the script and with the actor/performers, I start fretting about the admin/production stuff that isn't being worked on. And when I start focusing on the admin/production stuff, I worry that I'm not spending enough time on the script, with the actors. Producing AND directing/writing is very hellacious to try to juggle...I'm learning more and more about this process--how it needs to be on a bigger-scale project--and am trying not to complain. After all, I made my bed....)

Spent the hottest (afterwards, i heard it had been a Red Zone air quality afternoon!) part of Wednesday, driving around in my un-airconditioned car visiting a few potential venue sites. Scouting, scouting.

I hear that buzz is building around this play, and that comforts me. Am glad that folks, local and beyond, are talking up this project and are interested in being in the audience for it.

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