Sunday, August 19, 2007

Media contacts - publicity

If you happen to have a chum, buddy, or cousin in the local-to-national media, now's the time to let me know. If you don't mind sharing your contact's email/phone/mailing address, etc., that would be helpful as we get ready to send out our press release.


Please send me your 3-to-10 line BIO.

PLEASE EMAIL IT TO THIS EMAILING ADDRESS (don't send it via myspace--it's too unwieldy and time-consuming)

send it here ============>

Your bio can be sad, snarky, sweet, "professional", seductive, or scintillating. Just keep it at 3-to-10 lines in

Here's one that I've written (and I've had to submit dozens of these over the years): it's 52 words in 7 lines.
Sit down, fall in love w/ yourself, and write about it. Then edit what you wrote, use word-count, trim off the fat, punch up the descriptive vocab, and you'll probably have a winner.

bio - 52 words - 7 lines [sample] :

Tammy Gomez, a 2007 Texas Medal of Arts award
nominee, graduated from Goucher College (Maryland)
in 1985. Her literary performance works include
the award-winning “Maya Matematica” and “Malinchuca”.
She has received grants from Humanities Texas and the
Ford Foundation. She is also a small-press publisher
(Tejana Tongue Press), activist, and arts educator.

I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT. cuz I have no idea who you are....hahaha.

(Carlos, this includes you.)

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