Friday, August 10, 2007

video shoot - Saturday, August 18th - morning to afternoon

This is gonna be a long day, as Cesar doesn't have alot of free time during the daylight hours when most of you might be available.

Shoot locations:

fish mural bridge -- off of Riverside, near Beach St.
Trinity Park bridges and surrounding area -- near the zoo and University Drive
Oleander Street - just a block or so north of Magnolia St.

What we're shooting (scenes):

Young ESA with teen MAMA (fish mural bridge)
Older ESA with EL SABE (Trinity Park bridge)
Older ESA (grove of trees on west side of University)
Young ESA ("vanishing point" footage on bridge)
Older ESA ("vanishing point" footage on bridge)
anybody and everybody - parade scene

Specific times for each shooting location will be announced soon.
More notes to come.

Thanks for everyone's patience!

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