Thursday, August 9, 2007

mama bike speech - will be up for D to copy for only 2 days


[smiles] Oh boy. I remember walking after school, with my brother, and I think I was pretty old. I musta been like sixteen and I had never--nobody had ever taught me how to ride a bike. So I remember asking him, “Can I walk your bike?” So he lent me his bike, and I started walking it, and I dunno where it came from or how it came to be, but as I walked his bike I got this urge to sit on the seat and I didn’t know how to ride a bike but this urge, to sit on the bike and put my hands on the handlebars, it was like really physical--so here I’m trying to sit on it. But I wasn’t afraid, no tenĂ­a miedo and I had this feeling like “Yo puedo hacer esto, I can balance with this bike, and I can really ride this bike!!” So, I don’t know how it happened but just like magic I began riding and it was like the most amazing milagro. I was just moving on the sidewalk and not noticing my feet, not noticing what my body was doing, but I was moving with that bike and I wasn’t fighting it. It was just happening!

So, to me, it seemed like an eternity, to be floating with the bike, but of course, it was only [snaps fingers], you know, un segundito, because, after that, I felt my foot touch ground, to balance me when I stopped. But that was the first time in my entire—en toda mi vida, that I realized, “I’m learning how to ride a bike!!” [shrieks, laughs] And so, you know, I just wanted to feel that, again and again and again. All the way home, I kept trying, otra vez, y otra vez, and I will never forget that feeling like, “I’m doing this by myself.” [shudders with delight] And I’m balancing and it’s such a pleasure--and such a milagro to feel like I’m floating. So, I loved, I LOVED that day. [laughs] It was like the most magical moment. [whispers/exhales deeply] Yeah.

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