Sunday, August 5, 2007

3 more designs from Fabian

After being offline for two solid days, I am eager to get to my email messages, blogs, and the like. Straight off, I see that Fabian has emailed me several large emails, containing new jpg images. I get excited, like a kid being offered a package to unwrap, and quickly download them and save them to my documents file. Fabian has now offered 4 different "signature image" design options to use in promoting the play and project. It pleases me to see that these are significantly different from one another, so he must be brainstorming visually.

I really need to sit down with him, in person, once he returns to the States.

Layne is back in FW, so we are gonna be moving on the website rapido.

I need some good sleep tonight, in preparation for a very full Monday tomorrow.

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