Saturday, August 11, 2007

RESCHEDULED VIDEO SHOOT: Friday, August 17th--Ramsey, Dominique, Juana & Jasmine, and others

PLEASE let me know if you guys (Ramsey, Dominique, any extras) can make it for a video shoot (all Fort Worth locations within 1-5 miles of my home) on FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th---daylight hours.

_____________ the message/update i set to Juana tonight _____________

up late, working at home on a saturday night:

hi, Juana:

i forgot to give you my number so you'll have it again.

Cesar--our videographer--just told me this evening that he has to work next Saturday, August 18th--all day.

Sorry, but he just told me this. Arggggh.

So----we have now to reschedule our next video shoot. Would you (and Jasmine) be able to work with us on Friday--this coming Friday, August 17th, sometime during the daylight hours?

Thanks for your patience w/ us.

Call or email me soon about your availability next Friday for about 2.5 hours of work.



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