Friday, August 10, 2007

Opalina, Dina, Tammy going to see author Julia Alvarez in Dallas (free reading) tomorrow.

To: Opalina

about the rehearsal/gathering you missed:

we watched vid of our Undermain show. have to ask Cesar/Raul if they can make dubs, eventually.

tomorrow, we'll be at the downtown branch of the DPL at or around 2pm. Dina is driving us (me and niece) into Dallas. Maybe we grab a coffee or something too...?

you and Dina (and Dom) will have to schedule some specific focused rehearsals anyway, so it's okay that you must miss next Monday's group rehearsal.

increasing volume and giving you more stylized movements is what i want to focus on for CURANDERA.

tomorrow, you and Dina should pick 2-3 days to meet within the next 2 weeks. when i can also be w/ you.

keep in mind: there's ONE more conversation that CURANDERA AND MAMA have together, which i'm formulating. it happens before ESA's race.


p.s. our Austin performance fell through---no money to get us down there, budget was drastically cut by the MACC people. arghhhh. SO, OUR ONE AND ONLY NEXT PERFORMANCE IS THE PREMIERE: september 22nd - saturday, for real and for sure...!

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From: opalina tlazohtzin
Date: Aug 10, 2007 11:06 AM

I got yr mssg last night, and I would love to meet ya guys on Saturday. Sounds like good times.

I have been working, sorry about missing monday. Some moron scheduled me on monday, and this next upcoming monday, but starting after next week im back to my sunday monday off sched. I just happen to be off this saturday so meeting you guys is a go.

I have some questions about our next performance, I'm almost certain that if it is the weekend of the 1rst I won't be able to do it. In Austin right? Well, I have a performance that was planned many months ago on the 1rst Its the moonlady night at the bathouse cultural center at White Rock Lake. Its in the evening that day and i'm featured as part of the mad swirl traveling circus.

Ive been struggling with this, as i had made a prior commitment, but by being in the play i had also made a commitment to the entire cast and you.

I will have to meditate on this. Nevertheless I really love being a part of this project and I promise I will be available when you need me.

Just get back to me soon, but i plan to meet you at the library.


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