Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rehearsal this evening, Sunday, August 12th - 6pm-8pm

Maria, Natalia, Molly, Dominique, and I got together for some intensive GIRLS rehearsing. With and without bikes.

1. See by the Seashore segment.
2. Pinkie toes dialogue.
3. Hate Stop, Can Live w/ Slow segment (kudos to Dom for memorizing this piece in less than 4 days!!!).
4. Speaking parts to precede "You failed like a sail" segment.

That's a lot to cover in 2 hours, but we managed to touch on each of these segments in a fun, but focused, manner.

We also took some time out to go over the "Tambourine--Eve" bike dance segment. The GIRLS had just been introduced to this on Friday evening, but I can tell it's getting implanted pretty deeply in body memory. ("The body remembers what the mind forgets." - Frank O'Hara)

Good Sunday session.

(Notes to self: Email script to Molly. I gave copy of music on cd to Natalia tonight; it has all the music used thus far, except for the Eve "Tambourine" track.)

ESA knows that she's to rehearse tomorrow w/ Richard and Jacob, and Maria might also stop in as well.

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