Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fabian *just* sent me the first jpg of the design he's conjured...

I have about 8 things I must do before getting the little sleep I'll have before I have to be up again to go to San Anto in the a.m. But, I had an instinct to go online just one more time before doing the dishes and packing. And there it was, an emailed jpg from Fabian, the young artist who's working on a design for our promo materials (flyers, poster, whatever). It's kind of a cool, but long, story how I came to work with this cat, but suffice to say we've never met in person. All our (g-rated, mind you) contact has been online. I "discovered" him via some cool graphics design/art he had exhibited at the Arlington Museum of Art about 4 months ago. I really liked what I saw, wanted to encourage and give him a leg up--so to speak--so I trolled online to find him. And now here it is August, and he finally emailed me a jpg of an image concept for me to see. It's actually pretty good. I'm sure we'll end up with something stellar. And appropriate. Layne, our website designer, is in Maryland (i called her yesterday and she was walking the boardwalk in Ocean City!---i know exactly where she is, cuz i've been there before...) right now, but will be back in FW and dropping her head into html world by next Tuesday. I'm supposed to have most of the text to her by the end of next week. Whoa, I need to go to sleep now, while I can....

____________________ communiques w/ Fabian aka PERRO __________________________________


i like this, i like this.

maybe we don't need human faces/bodies in this. maybe the abstract approach is best.

i am liking very much what you have done to include color with the plain black bicycle.

the background shape makes me think of a house---my ESA character has arguments and painful history around her house so that is why she leaves to go bicycle around the city and in nature. she checks out from her pain and her past in order to be a balanced mujer.

i like the font for SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE. GOOD choice. i like the black banner/ribbon behind the words. reminds me of the Black Label Bicycle Club--underground,raw,edgy.

what else do you want to add to this?
does it need more?
i am kinda happy w/ it, and i am very happy with your sensibilities.

i don't think there is another play (obra de teatro) like this IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES. i mean, a play about
bicyclistas who also bicycle on the stage y tambien cantan and tocan musica.

this is gonna be hype!

===> i just sent some more photo files about an hour ago. of Dominique (ESA) and Ramz (EL SABE).

i wish we could meet in person, so i could explain this project better.

thanks, let's keep working w/ this one!



--- Fabian Alejandro Valdez Gomez wrote:

hey whats up!! amm do you have like pictures i dont know like profile pictures or somthing like that? i kinda did this thing but im not that convinced with it with the bycicle drawing tell me your opinion about it

the colors the fonts all the stuff tell what you got in mind please im a bit confused

From: Tammy Gomez
To: Fabian Alejandro Valdez Gomez
Subject: RE: hello Fabian - here's the jpg
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 21:41:13 -0700 (PDT)

2 big jpgs.

Dominique and Ramz as ESA and EL SABE, two of my characters for the play.

hope all is well.

i'm in san antonio til sunday.


Fabian Alejandro Valdez Gomez wrote:hey how are you? yes i received the picture! but its that it? just the bicycle?
and also if you could send some pictures of the actress pelase and if you more pictures of other stuff related to the play send it to me i immight use them too! i think i know what you want i got some ieas im working with the bycicle though but please send me the picture of the actress

From: Tammy Gomez
Subject: hello Fabian - here's the jpg
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 00:40:22 -0700 (PDT)
>It's been crazy hectic around here, getting ready for our first "rough cut" sneak preview of the bike play
>And, we're also creating a new website for this project, so anything you might create for us could be uploaded onto our site forthcoming at:
>I'm very excited abt. all of this.
>The bikeloveimage.jpg (535k) file is the original image the artist created.
>Can you delete the text on the bottom "pink love courier" or whatever it says?
>Also, could you take away the "M" that seems to be on the bike frame?
>I would then ask you to include or add the show title:
>She: Bike/Spoke/Love
>to the design? Also contrasting color(s) would be great. If you take a look at the other file I attached (what i want.gif), that
>can give you an idea of the texture and use of color that appeals to me. Of course, you may have additional ideas, which I would love to hear about and/or see.
>I will be emailing you a photo file of the main actress in the play--a quite pretty woman. You might want to include her face in the design somehow. Maybe....
>Anyway, have fun checking this out & exploring ideas.
>My phone number is 817.-------.
>Lookin' forward to all this collaboration.
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

><< bikeloveimage.jpg >>

whatIwant.gif >>

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