Friday, August 10, 2007

Mel Le Roy is helping us out -- venue search continues


I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the rehearsal today.  A friend of Neil's passed away and we has to attend the funeral this afternoon. 

I'm working on the press release and and receipt form will have them to you soon.  Also, I'm playing phone tag with the Parks Dept. about renting out the pavilion area for the entire day.  I told them it was a spoken word/acoustic music event and that we wouldn't be using the stage.  I also told them attendance would be about 100 people.  The rental fee is due to them along with an application two weeks before the reservation date.   I've had them send the application to my house and will get it to you asap. I'll be sure to let you know the price as soon as I get a live person on the phone.

The old Stage West theater would be great as well but I would make sure that the city has cleared them to use the space for performances. 



On 8/8/07, Mel Le Roy wrote:

Hi Tammy.  I think this pic should work as letterhead.  You can reach me on  my cell 817-xxx-xxxx. 

I will definitely try to make it by the park Friday afternoon.  I have to work the night shift at my parent's bar so I won't be able to stay too long. 



On 8/8/07, Tammy Gomez <> wrote:
here it is.

what's the best phone number to reach you by?

THE GIRLS are rehearsing on friday at Trinity Park between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, if you would like to hear/see us.  We'll probably cruise over to a bar afterwards, if you would like to meet us/chat with us.



hi, Mel:

Sorry about your friend. Yes, funerals and weddings always need to get top priority. Hope Neil is feeling all right.

Sounds like you're having to be ultra-persistent with the City about that pavilion. Hope we can get some positive news soon.

I've been knocking on every possibility for the past 3 days: called Velton (photographer), Christopher (photographer, installation artist), Jesse Hernandez (painter) to ask for suggestions. Getting the word out, big-time, about needing a performance space.

Haven't heard back from Stage West folks, but will follow up on Monday.

Rehearsal today at the park was creative, fun, sweet, and SWEATY. We'll be working again together on Sunday @ 6pm @ the RMT.

Thanks for all you're doing!



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