Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Turnomatic" by Dominique becomes part of the play

song lyrics by Dominique Fay - for the song we'll call "Turnomatic"

take a number
stand in line until your called
36 blocks left on your brain
meant to hover
not to fall

the little one
he called me baby
but little did he know
despite his liquid eyes
and rippled mind
he won't find home


through the void now
the reds not bleeding
with no place left to go
take a leap now
the moments fleeting
I am not your own

a fickle flame
ascendant stench
illusions lost its smile
a distant hum
discordant strum
apologies futile


as the sun now
I am leaving
a place to call my own
the tears of triumph
in their places
and on and on I'll go...


I am so excited Tammy
this is going to be so wonderful
I had an awesome time today
can't wait until next time

thank you for giving me this opportunity


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