Sunday, July 15, 2007

Andrea getting involved

message i sent Andrea:

THANKS so much for the kind helping assistance you offered on friday at the Carnival Store, at the Trinity Park River, and also for buying lipsticks and OFF! for the crew to use.

I pretty much started calling you PRODUCTION ASSISTANT in my mind, so i think that is your title for this project and for the programme.

Of course, I would love it if you could be on hand for more assistance, and am thinking to ask you to read ESA's part when we
have our rehearsal on saturday at the Undermain Theater. Can you be there - in Deep Ellum on july 21st - 12noon to 2pm?

HEY --- DID YOU BUY a bike!!!????????

let me hear from you soon, please, about saturday the 21st. that's a very important need we have - Dominique is going
to be in Puerto Rico, so i need for someone (you!) to stand in onstage for her---reading from the script is all right.



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