Monday, July 9, 2007

Tonzi in Houston sends encouragement

hi, Tonzi:

i am so glad that you picked up the phone last night, i needed to talk to someone, and i had indeed considered you for the lead role in this project--but knowing you're doing the architectural studies program, i've realized that you cannot be in 2 places doing 2 separate things....alas.

today, it's monday, a new day, and Mercury does 'go direct' today, so perhaps things'll start to ease up around here....

i was just so impatient last night, needing to move forward, but Mercury just kept making me walk in place, and i couldn't
accept that.

anyway, blah blah blah.

i'm glad you got to meet Paul Flores and the other "Chicano Messengers of the Spoken Word"--a nice trio of hard-working poets.

someday, we really must put together a magical tour of texas--you, me, and whoever else shares our sensibilities and lust for performance experimentalism...



--- Tonzi C-G wrote:

> yeaaaaa Tammy
> your call made me so happy
> relax mercury will come
> you have worked so hard and your work will reflect
> this
> I am so proud and excited
> this has never been done
> take some time for yourself today
> and acknowledge what a bad ass woman you are
> you rock Tammy,
> Tonzi

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