Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poetic prose from Richard aka Ken Sabe

Jul 25 2007 5:51P - myspace comment from Richard:

"Let the rain fall into that bucket. And be ready cause sometimes a hard rain is gonna fall. Boom. Boom. Clack. Clack. And it's beauty will fill the hearts of others. Boom. Boom. Clack. Clack. The dice will roll off the green and into the mouth of the monster. Make it choke and laugh. Boom. Boom. Clack. Clack. Because it is just a dream. And you are making your dreams, right now, whether good or evil. Boom. Boom. Clack. Clack. And the rain still falls harder than ever. Boom. Clack. You've got the rain, now with whom will you share your water."

Earlier in the day, I had spoken with Richard on the phone. Excitedly, I had related to him that I had received an invitation to perform at the Grand Opening Festival of Arts at the new MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center) in downtown Austin. This MACC has been a long time coming, as I was still living in Austin--in the mid-to-late 1990s--when elder-elites of the Latino/Hispanic/Chicano/a arts scene were hashing it out to figure out what could be created that would please or appease the most constituents. City of Austin monies were being dedicated to this new facility, but the committees and sub-committees and focus groups ad nauseaum kept duking it out over conference tables. I wondered if this center would ever see the light of day. Well, guess what, the project got done. And I might get to perform at the official opening day on Saturday, September 15th. I told the rep who phoned me that, because I'm involved in this new play production, that I'd like to perhaps unveil segments of it in Austin for that festival. It would be a great opportunity to perform in front of one of our ideal audiences: progressive Chicano/Latinos who are supportive of the arts. I am so excited, cuz this invite comes on the heels of being invited to perform for someplace else (another group in another venue) in the Austin area the week before September 15th. All of a sudden, it's like everybody found my number in their rolodex, and new opportunities are surfacing. Anyway, that's part of what I shared with Richard by phone, as I basically wanted to give him a big heads-up and to see what his availability might be for that particular day (September 15th). Actually, he's not optimistic about going to Austin that weekend because he's got a commitment at the Rose Marine Theater at the same time. But he was encouraging and congratulatory about me/us being asked to perform at the MACC.

A few hours later, Richard sent me a myspace comment [the one above], showing me that he had truly, really, been listening and I love that about him and so many others in this project. He knew that I was feeling that so many blessings were being showered upon me. I had told him, "It's like all the universe needs me to do is to go outside and hold up a big basket or bucket, and it WILL be filled." I could feel Richard smiling (over the phone) as I shared my excitement with him. And later, he made a poem about what he took from our conversation. Wow. The validation, the affirmation we extend to one another. It's a way to stay refreshed with one another in a group process.

Thanks so much, Richard!

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