Wednesday, July 18, 2007

reply to Dominique

hey, mujer!

thanks for sharing and opening up with such grace and quiet strength to:

1. perform the role of ESA with such gusto;
2. gently allow the other cast members to become part of your life;
3. be dependable and consistent;
4. reveal some of your life history to me.

it is so amazing, once we think about it, how THIS has all come about because i approached you at the Firehouse Gallery.
had you any IDEA......?!!!!

miracle/milagros happen. take it all in.

one DIRECTOR's request: please, while laughing and relaxing on the beach, hear yourself in your JOYOUS VOICE, your SOFT AND YEARNING VOICE, and bring those voices back to FW for the play---for those moments when you're not squabbling w/ MAMA or ranting with EL SABE.

happy vacation to you, ESA/Dominique!!


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