Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sunday , Sept. 2 and Monday, Sept. 3 rehearsals - NOTES

Sunday, September 2nd:

Dominique and I traveled to Dina's home, where Opalina also met us. The four of us worked until after midnight. Eight o'clock until after midnight. (Dominique and I actually left Dina's around 12:30am)

Great session: Opalina and Dina got more established blocking cues. Opalina has more "intention" now. Everyone worked on increasing their volume. Dominique was helpful in calling lines--thanks for doing that.

Cesar couldn't meet w/ us, but Dina-Dom-I read through the "new" last section of the MAMA/BASCO/KEN SABE scene. It's finished, guys. I was relieved to hear that the scene reads well.

Monday, September 3rd:

Molly, Natalia, Dominique, and I gathered for GIRLS rehearsal. Worked on poem that Natalia performs; "I See by the Seashore"; and the "Tambourine" bike dance. Everyone is liking how "I See by the Seashore" is coming together. Great ideas were suggested by everyone! Thanks.

THANK YOU, Jacob, for showing up and doing a little rehearsing on your Ella/Wise Cracker scene!

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