Sunday, September 2, 2007

Notes on video shoot and rehearsal, Saturday, Sept. 1st

Fernando Palomo showed up to be one of our racing cyclists in the video scene of a bike race. Unfortunately, he was not able to bring any other racers along with him. But, helpful as he wanted to be, Fern strode out to the bike paths trying to recruit people bicycling along the way.

In the meantime, we (Molly, Carlos, Richard, Robby, Dominique, and I) helped Cesar prepare for the video shoot. We inflated balloons and taped them to sticks; we set up a race course line with crepe paper and some bamboo poles; we made signs to hold as the crowd cheering the racers. Eventually, Cesar shot some video of Dominique in her "racing" get-up (colorfully-painted helmet, work gloves--thanks, Fern--, and a balloon for the cruiser). Some storm clouds gathered and the sky darkened as Robby forecast that rain would be imminent.

We shot as much as we could with "Esa" before the first thunderclaps sounded. I urged everyone to pack up immediately, and we walked quickly--carrying bags and boxes of our gear and supplies--towards our cars. By the time we were mere feet from the parking lot, the clouds spilled upon us.

The rain ended up being harmless and, more importantly, a gorgeous relief. My favorite "Kodak" moment was watching Robby and Richard huddled up near a tree, with Richard smiling ecstatically as he got drenched.

I stood outside and let the heavens rinse the sweat off my skin. We were like children not wanting to go indoors. Or get into our confining cars. It was a very beautiful and cathartic rainfall.

We (Richard, Cesar, Dominique, Robby, Carlos, and I) went to Ole South for some grub and were pleased to see the sun eventually emerge once again. We looked a bit weird, arriving at the restaurant all soaking wet, with shiny hair. There were plenty of belly laughs, as we communed and joked around the table. We left soggy spots on the vinyl seating, but oh well. Afterwards, we phoned Jacob to meet us back @ the park, where Cesar shot some more video footage of Dominique and also of the starting gun--thanks to Carlos for bringing it today, and "performing" as the hand that pulls the trigger.

Jacob showed up and the BASCO scenes were rehearsed. We kept joking about how good Ramsey read the Basco lines last week, and now that's one of our running jokes.

Cesar and guys enjoyed the Basco beers almost as much as they enjoyed rehearsing the scenes. They did some very good work.

Oh, Dominique caught a tiny frog--smaller than your average thumb--and we got to have a peek at it for a few minutes.

Robby is joining us as one of THE GUYS. He stuck around for a while watching the others rehearse.

All in all, a productive day.

Too bad we didn't get Fern on tape, though. Maybe he'll be willing to try again next week. Vamos a ver.

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