Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bike parking - night of our show

Quick note: I had just mailed a letter at the post office on 7th Street, mid-afternoon Friday (August 31st), when I spotted a little BMX-type bike leaning against the front of J & J's Hideaway (local watering hole).

I decided that I needed to find out who owned that bike; I had a strong feeling that I'd know the person.

As I approached the bar, the guy came out, and it was Stephen Moore aka "Massage Peddler" (he used to, maybe still does practice massage for cyclists). Stephen and I went to the same Catholic school, decades ago. We embraced, greeting one another, and he asked what I was up to.

Bike play, basically. And then, Stephen seemed to know exactly all about it. "Oh, it's going to be at the Sanders Theatre, yeah, my friend told me." Turns out, Stephen also runs lights and sound there, and will, most likely, be running lights for our show.

Stephen then said, "We're taking care of the bike rack for you." (What???!!!!!) Apparently, he has another bike fiend buddy who owns a rack that they're gonna haul over to the front lawn of the Fort Worth Community Arts Center--where the Sanders is located.

Stephen also offered the use of bikes, if we need any.

Magic happens if you slow down enough to notice it, make a place for it.

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