Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our show is on the Ft.Worth Community Arts Center calendar now!

Here's the link to the online calendar for the FWCAC. (Move your mouse over SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE to read more info.) Please refer folks to this if they want more info on the venue for our show.

When telling your fans & friends about the show, please mention that it's gonna be a major clusterf**k down around the Will Rogers Coliseum/Omni Theater area on the night of our show.

Not only is the "Jazz on the Boulevard" jazz festival going to be in full swing on the streets down there, but the Fort Worth Community Arts Center itself is way booked in multiple spaces within that complex.

There is a WEDDING, a TANGO DANCE event, AND a QUEER COMEDY show happening in that building on the same night as our premiere. Alot of hubub indeed.

[Some of my colleagues believe, as I do, that cramming too many events in one center--particularly when those events are weddings and class reunion-type shindigs--shows that the priority seems to be on making money (e.g., with rentals) than on showcasing artists in a professional manner.]

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