Monday, September 3, 2007

Communique from Jeremy (re: Tribute to Devin page on Myspace)

>From: "Jeremy Brown"
>Subject: Hey Tammy
>Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 11:38:56 -0400
>My name is Jeremy and I'm an old friend of Devin's and I just saw the
>tribute page on the She: Bike/Spoke/Love site! Thank you so much for that...
>I created and now maintain (along with her mother) Devin's Tribute page on
>MySpace and would love to put the logo from the home page on Devin's tribute
>page and provide a link...
>Would that be alright? If so, e-mail me the pic/logo and I'll 'throw' i up!

hi, Jeremy:

Thanks for the message.

Daina already knows about the play/project, and I am hoping that she can make it out to see the FW premiere of the show. I am now hoping that you can share that evening with us as well.

Yes, definitely, you may make a link from the DEVIN TRIBUTE page to my website. Attached is the jpg of the project logo. (The original design was created as a woodblock print by Austin artist Beth Ferguson. A local graphic design student, Fabian Gomez, and my website designer, Layne Calabro, embellished the original drawing using Photoshop.)

Thanks for your interest and for continuing to cherish and honor Devin.



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