Thursday, June 30, 2016

Many people, many bodies in "installation art" otherwise categorized as spectacle and performance art/photography - work of Spencer Tunick

"In July 1994, Spencer Tunick phoned all the people who had expressed
interest in posing nude individually for his public street photographs
and asked them to come together as a group. Of all the locations in
New York the artist could have chosen for this first group work, he
decided to pick the epicenter of world politics, the United Nations. A
total of 25 people showed up to pose on that remarkable early
morning, naked and brave in front of the General Assembly building.
This day launched Tunick’s Reaction Zone series.

The book Reaction Zone presents the definitive collection of Tunick’s
early New York City photographic assemblages of nude bodies. The
artworks included combine risk and urgency as Tunick uses
gestural splashes of flesh like an action painter uses paint.

In his introduction for Reaction Zone, Carlo McCormick relays the feel
of making work on the city streets and the pressure of creating
“human graffiti” under the radar of the authorities."

Registering volunteer participants:

Paddle8: Non-Violence Sculpture / Spencer Tunick - Spencer Tunick

photo-montage by Spencer Tunick

What Tunick plans for the upcoming Natl. Republican Convention:

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