Monday, February 8, 2016

Trinity High School (Euless, TX) - football team does the Maori ritual Haka dance

Introduced to the team by Tongan students (Pacific Islanders) in 2005 or so.

Illaiasi Ofa, producer of "Voice of Tonga" tv program.

"reassurance that we are part of this community...that they accept us as we are."  - Ofa,_Texas%29

Moses Vakalahi -  staff at Trinity HS
left a message on 2/15/2016

more info:  Many ex-players come back every June to give a free football camp for young Trojans (The Ikuna Camp directed by former Trinity HS All-American, Moses Vakalahi). ~ He is currently an assistant football coach.

By Coach Jason Dibble

In the spring of 2005 in the A325 computer lab, three Trinity football players surfed the web looking for stock tips, but they somehow wound up on a web site of a world famous New Zealand rugby team. At first, the boys were scolded for not checking out a stock market web site. Then one of them said, “Coach, check this out; you guys ought to do this. It would be awesome!”

The instructor agreed, and the idea was presented to some of the boys who danced with the Polynesian Club. The Tongan community was consulted, and the idea was brought to the head football coach. During the off-season, an instructional video was made. The team was taught the words, moves and the meaning of the original Haka which means “to ignite the breath.” 

On a rainy day before spring football, the Trojans met in the weight room to do the Haka for the first time as a team. From the very beginning, it was special.  Having never practiced as a group, the team became one moving in unison. 

The Trojans practiced all spring and into the fall of 2005.  The Haka was introduced to Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD at Pennington Field before the first game against DeSoto.  The first team to do the Haka went on to win the 5A Division I State Championship.

Trinity practices the Haka to “ignite the breath”, energize the body and inspire the spirit. It is a collective frenzy, a united front, and a feeling of unity-a feeling of one!

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