Monday, March 3, 2008

email to Layne, website coordinator/designer

Hi, to you today!

Did you have a chance to look at the video clips sampler yet?

I finally peeked at it late last night. A few of the clips were
pretty good!

Do you think we can get our ideas together about how best
to include a clip or two on our website soon?

I think I like clips #1, #2, and #3 the best. (though i wish
somebody could have yanked that scarf off my head before
i went onstage as CURANDERA...!)

Also---regarding "Reviews":

I couldn't find the entire review online, but here's a link
to my blog, where I cut-and-paste the Star-Telegram review:


Former Fort Worth Weekly writer Ken Shimamoto's
review, as found on his current blog STASH DAUBER:
(scroll down to post of November 12, 2007)


Also, I would love to have a link from our website
to the article i wrote for Here There Magazine
which just launched on Saturday, March 1st.


Let me know, Layne, when you might have time
for a phone chat about these ideas (and anything
else that might need discussion). Thanks!


laynemc said...

Hi Tammy -- I am working on the media page which will have the links to reviews/articles and a couple of video clips.

What to call that page? MEDIA BYTES? could be overused and/or negative? but kinda catchy, descriptive and a play on words...or simply MEDIA, or MEDIA MESSAGES?

Soon I will send you a link and we can talk about the page.


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Anonymous said...

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