Monday, November 12, 2007

special moments

1. Seeing both Trae and Jacob on separate laptops in the dressing room, posting last-minute bulletins and sending email reminders in order to "try to get more people out to the show."

2. Seeing Scott Ditchfield performing an emergency bike repair (on Esa's Cruiser) in the Scott Theater lobby during the evening show, as other cast members huddled hopefully around him as if watching a specialist perform intricate surgery.

3. Singing a (cheesy) Gina Vanelli song alongside Natalia during intermission as we watched a Gina Vanelli-lookalike strolling in the theater lobby.

4. Dina rubbing her belly intermittently, and referring to it as "cuddling" her baby.

5. Seeing Trae's sweet look of concern as Ramsey was having a moment with his lunch at Pei Wei. Fortunately, Ramsey perked up soon after that, and got to finish his meal.

6. When cast members started sneaking into Basco's Tecate stash in the ice chest during intermission.

7. Riding back from Pei Wei in my car, listening to my favorite song on the radio ("All My Relations" by Ulali) in utter silence with Dina, Angelique, and Breanna.

8. Being at the med. school library minutes afterward (to check email and do some printing) and seeing that Breanna was adding "All My Relations" to her myspace profile.

9. The wristband dome lights flying all over the stage during "I See by the Seashore".

10. Placing a carnation in Dina's mouth during the limpia and hoping she wouldn't laugh or spit it out.

11. Jennet's cool Jackie-O look--complete with sunglasses--that almost sent me falling into the curtains as I peeked at her from backstage.

12. Seeing Basco and Carlos synch up 100% perfect for the radio-tuning moments.

13. Missing the bench not breaking.

14. Maria as "Ella" blurting out "That was FUCKIN' awesome!!" after Scott did his bmx routine.

15. The standing ovation.

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