Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I am missing at least two things from our show.

1) my U-LOCK - black bicycle lock.
2) the two bike rims (spray-painted blue).
3) oh, also the little pink kid's bike---who has seen this?

I'm just trying to get a grip on our props/set pieces in preparation for the November 11th shows.

Anyone wanna help me recruit a new stage manager (Patricia is back in Mexico) ??


jacob said...

me! jacob! i have them in my trunk! the rims and the little pink bike. that is. dono where yer bike lock is.

Molly said...

I nominate Robby for stage manager! I nominate Robby for President too!!!

a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

thanks, Jacob, for the good word
on pink bike and rims.

Molly you would be a great
campaign manager...

: )